Apr 23

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Seven Wonders Journals: The Select and The Orphan
Victories (Shadow Grail, #4)
Deception's Princess (Deception's Princess, #1)
The Eighth Day
Talker 25
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Coming Books

The Walking Dead, Issue #126 (The Walking Dead (single issues), #126)
Blood2Blood (Laws of the Blood, #7)
Call of the Siren (Demons of Infernum, #4)
Seasons of Light and Darkness
Thornlost (Glass Thorns, #3)
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The Most Recent Book

Published on April 20, 2014 (science fiction, young adult)

What happens when you turn eighteen and there are no more tomorrows?

It is the year 2049, and humanity is on the brink of extinction...

Tania Deeley has always been told that she’s a rarity: a human child in a world where most children are sophisticated androids manufactured by Oxted Corporation. When a decline in global fertility ensued, it was the creation of these near-perfect human copies called teknoids that helped to prevent the utter collapse of society.

Though ... [read more]