Risingshadow Library Jennifer Fallon The Palace of Impossible Dreams
May 28

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The Palace of Impossible Dreams

(The Tide Lords, #3) Next Previous 

Released March 1, 2008
Edited by Seregil of Rhiminee Sep 07, 2010
Genres: fantasy

Branded and sold into slavery in Senestra, Arkady holds out little hope of being rescued. In order to survive, she to turns her new owner, Dr Cydne Medura for help, but as she discovers the truth about him, she learns it may end up costing them both their lives.

Back in Glaeba, Jaxyn's plans for the crown hit a snag, when he realises the one man who can challenge him for the Glaeban throne, Stellan Desean, the former Duke of Lebec, has sought asylum in neighbouring Caelum. With the Empress of the Five Realms and Tide Lords, Tryan and Elyssa on his side, he may well succeed in bringing Jaxyn down.

Meanwhile, as Warlock fights to save his pups from Elyssa's twisted notions of kindness and the chameleon Crasii, Tiji, finds some unexpected friends, Declan Hawkes, struggling to come to terms with his shocking transformation, leaves Glaeba to look for Arkady.

His search will take him to the very ends of Amyrantha, from the steaming Senestran Wetlands to the frozen wastes of Jelidia and the Palace of Impossible Dreams. Along the way he will find a reluctant ally - Cayal, the Immortal Prince.


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Risingshadow Library Jennifer Fallon The Palace of Impossible Dreams