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Release date: 1978
Edited by Seregil of Rhiminee Sep 07, 2010

The great epic of the world beneath the Bloody Sun known as Darkover did not begin with the coming of the Terrans. It began far earlier, during the dark days of the civilization that came to be known as the Ages of Chaos. For in those years the power of the matrix was first learned – and misused in a power struggle between the rising Domains. That mental-physical force created a technology that threatened to make Darkover into a frightening duplicate of all that was bad in far-off Terra.

Stormqueen! is Marion Zimmer Bradley's first novel of the days when the matrix was in the hands of ambitious men, when genetic tampering was producing prodigies and wielders of strange powers, and when the heir of the Hasturs met his destiny in the persons of the witch-woman he loved and the mutant girl-child he had pledged to protect.

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