Risingshadow Library Lynsay Sands The Reluctant Vampire
Dec 07

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The Reluctant Vampire

(Argeneau, #15) Next Previous 

Released May 25, 2011
Edited by Emelie Feb 03, 2015

Harper lost his lifemate, Jenny, during her turn and has blamed himself for her death ever since, so he's rather happy for the distraction when Tiny and Mirabeau arrive with a young immortal in tow. Stephanie McGill is a young newly turned, immortal who is being hunted by a mad no-fanger named Leonius.

When Anders and Drina Argenis (Argeneau) arrive to help, Harper finds himself working with the beautiful young Spanish woman. But things get interesting when Stephanie decides to take on the role of cupid and bring Drina and a reluctant Harper together. How much trouble could a newly turned teenage vamp be?

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Risingshadow Library Lynsay Sands The Reluctant Vampire