May 22

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The Fire Dragon

(Deverry Series, #11) Next Previous 

Released 2000
Edited by Jussi Oct 22, 2010
Genres: fantasy

Book Three of The Dragon Mage

The Fire Dragon tells two separate stories: one set in the 'present' of 1117, and one set in the past, the era of the Civil Wars. In the present, Raena's trouble-making in Cerr Cawnen leads to terrible death and destruction but may ultimately succeed in offering the final working-out of Rhodry's Wyrd. In the past, Nevyn and Lilli attempt to solve the riddle of the curse tablet, but the price will be high.

In this, the eleventh volume in the Deverry cycle and third of the Dragon Mage series, storylines begun in Dawnspell: The Bristling Wood, A Time of Exile and The Black Raven – both the 'present' of 1117 and the past – will reach their triumphant and spellbinding conclusion. But there will be more Deverry books to unravel the situation that climaxes The Fire Dragon...

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