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Defiance of the Fall 12

Defiance of the Fall 12 (Defiance of the Fall #12) by TheFirstDefier
  ★ 9.00 / 8

Only the strong will survive when fate gathers.

The war against the Kan'Tanu is drawing closer, and Zac can't wait any longer. Only by stepping into D-grade does he have a chance to keep Earth safe.

Fusing life and death is thought impossible, but Zac has no choice but to achieve a miracle. And if there's one place where he might succeed, it's the Perennial Vastness.

The mysterious realm holds unique opportunities and resources. A final opportunity to power up. However, the fifth pillar of the System is emerging and an Eternal Heritage is up for grabs. The ancient factions are willing to go to any length to claim the prize.

Zac's ascent to Hegemony is bound to be a bumpy one.

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Category: Fantasy, LitRPG
Release date: February 28, 2024

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