Sea Change
Released: May 22, 2020
Genres: science fiction

Renata Black is entertained by the traffic snarl caused by a rogue self-driving house ― until she spots the Org’s Tiffany Teal paint marking the house’s windowsill.

In 2022, GMOs were banned after a biopharmed drug caused the Catastrophe: worldwide economic collapse, agricultural standstill, and personal tragedy for a lawyer and her son. Ten years later, Renata, a.k.a. Caroline Denton, is an operative of the Org, an underground group that could save the world from itself. Their illegal research is performed and protected by splinter cells, which are hunted by the feds.

Now a mole is in the Org. Who would put the entire Org in jeopardy? Renata is the only one who can find out ― and she will need to go to her clients in the Quinault Nation for answers.

Nancy Kress (Beggars in Spain, Yesterday’s Kin) once again delivers a smart, mesmerizing bio-thriller, with a hard, nuanced look at the perils and promise of technology.

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