The Mirror Man
Released: October 20, 2020
Genres: science fiction

For fans of Blake Crouch and Chuck Wendig, THE MIRROR MAN is a near-future suspense in which a man agrees to be replaced by a clone, only to have his life spiral out of control, and everything he values put at risk.

They put a perfect clone into his imperfect life.

The offer is too tempting: be part of a scientific breakthrough, step out of your own life for a year, and be paid hugely for it. Jeremiah Adams is a middle aged man with a failing marriage, a teenage son who barely acknowledges him, and a job he no longer believes in. When the opportunity to take part in an illegal cloning experiment is brought to him by his employer, ViGen Pharmaceuticals, Jeremiah sees it as a chance to take a much-needed break from an existence that he feels increasingly disconnected from. No one will know he’s been replaced, since a revolutionary drug called Meld can transfer consciousness and memories to his copy.

From a luxurious apartment, he watches the clone navigate his day-to-day. But soon Jeremiah discovers that examining himself from an outsider’s perspective isn’t what he thought it would be. As “his” life spirals out of control, he finds that he’s more captive lab rat than collaborator. ViGen needs the experiment to succeed and will go to any lengths to remove obstacles. With his family in danger, Jeremiah will need to escape and finally find the courage to face himself head-on.

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