Seth Skorkowsky's Dämoren will be published by Ragnarok Publications in mid-April 2014.

Information about Seth Skorkowsky:

Seth Skorkowsky was born in Texas in 1978. He currently lives in Denton, Texas, with his wife, and works for the University of North Texas. His short story "The Mist of Lichthafen" was nominated for a British Fantasy Award (long list) in 2009. Dämoren is Seth's debut novel. He recently signed a two-book deal with Rogue Blades Entertainment for his "Black Raven" sword-and-sorcery collection.

When not writing, Seth enjoys travel, shooting, and tabletop gaming.

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Information about Dämoren:

Fourteen years ago a pack of wendigos killed Matt Hollis’ family and damned his soul. Now, Matt is a demon hunter armed with a holy revolver named Dämoren.

After a violent series of murders leaves only fifty holy weapons in the world, Matt is recruited by the Valducans, an ancient order of demon hunters. Many of the knights do not trust him because he is possessed. When sabotage and assassinations begin, the Valducans know there is a spy in their ranks, and Matt becomes the core of their suspicions. Desperate to prove himself, and to protect Dämoren, Matt fights to gain their trust and discover the nature of the entity residing within him.


Dämoren is the first part of the Valducan series. It's Seth Skorkowsky's debut novel.

Dämoren was a pleasant surprise for me, because it was a good and entertaining urban fantasy novel. I don't normally read urban fantasy, because there are plenty of novels which have failed to impress me. The problem with most urban fantasy novels is that there isn't anything interesting in them. This novel is fortunately different from most urban fantasy novels, because it's a delightfully dark and entertaining novel that features an interesting connection between demon hunters and their holy weapons.

Here's a bit of information about the story:

Fourteen years ago a pack of wendigos killed Matt's family and possessed him. The man who saved him gave him Dämoren. Matt was called Spencer when he was rescued, but now he calls himself Matt. He's a demon hunter and he kills demons. The Valducans contact him and want him to join their ranks (the Valducans are an ancient order of demon hunters). When Matt visits the Valducan knights, he has to prove himself to them. The Valducans are suspicious of him and don't trust him, because he's possessed. He has to show them that he can be trusted...

There's quite a lot of action in this novel, but there's also depth. The author has managed to write a story that is both interesting and thrilling. There are plenty of familiar urban fantasy elements in this novel, but there's also originality, which makes the story interesting.

Matt is an interesting character, because he's had a bit different kind of life than normal people. It was fascinating to read about Matt's early life and how he survived the attack of the wendigos. I also enjoyed reading about how he became a demon killer.

The Valducans are also interesting characters, because they hunt demons and gather knowledge. They find and keep track of holy weapons, and they have a massive library full of lore and knowledge about demon species. The Valducan knights use holy weapons to kill demons.

The history of the Valducans is intriguing, because the order was founded several hundred years ago. The author writes fluently about the history of the Valducans and the holy weapons. It's nice that the author has linked their history to historical happenings.

There are interesting bits of information about demons in the story, because the author shows his readers what kind of information the Valducans have in their library. It was also fascinating to read that many holy weapons had gone missing. I can also mention that it was nice to read about how the demons were teaming together and new species were found.

The holy weapons are interesting artifacts, because each of them is unique and it seems that they're alive-ish and may even have different personalities. If I'm not mistaken, this is unique in the urban fantasy genre, because this kind of things are seldom handled in urban fantasy novels.

Dämoren, the holy weapon, is an interesting weapon, because it's bonded to Matt. It came to his possession after his protector died and ever since there's been a strong bond to the weapon. The bond began earlier, but afterwards it grew to a whole new level. I think that many readers will be fascinated to read about Dämoren and the bond.

I sincerely hope that Seth Skorkowsky continues to write more fantasy novels, because he seems to have a talent for writing entertaining stories and knows how to write good urban fantasy (it requires quite a lot talent to write this kind of urban fantasy).

Seth Skorkowsky's Dämoren is an interesting combination of urban fantasy and noir elements. I think that this novel will please several fans of urban fantasy and may attract new readers to the genre, because the story is fascinating and there are interesting elements in it. It's one of the few urban fantasy novels that are worth reading (and it's one of the best modern fantasy novels I've ever read).

My final words are: This novel is entertaining urban fantasy!

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