Christopher Nuttall's Full Circle was published as an e-book by Elsewhen Press in October 2015. The paperback edition was published in November 2015.

Information about Christopher Nuttall:

Christopher Nuttall has been planning sci-fi books since he learnt to read. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Chris created an alternate history website and eventually graduated to writing full-sized novels. Studying history independently allowed him to develop worlds that hung together and provided a base for storytelling. After graduating from university, Chris started writing full-time. As an indie author, he has self-published a number of novels. The Royal Sorceress was the first of his novels to be published by Elsewhen Press. Chris is currently living in Edinburgh with his wife, muse, and critic Aisha and their son.

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Information about Full Circle:

In his cave, the Witch-King mused on the changing nature of time. At one level his enemy was randomness, the fickle chances that might disrupt his plans as they had in the past. But he could no longer rely on waiting for such perturbations to be smoothed out by the passage of time. His influence, even his very existence, had always remained unsuspected, but now Elaine and a handful of others not only knew about him but were intent on his destruction and suspected where his body was being maintained. They were unlikely to succeed, but he couldn't entirely dismiss them, especially as Elaine was the only other magician who understood the deeper layers of magic and she was bonded to Johan who had yet to realise how powerful his own magic really was. Unable to leave his hiding place yet, he would have to rely on the new Emperor to stop her - a man permanently on the brink between sanity and madness, who was easily steered to unwittingly prepare the way for the Witch-King's return.

Meanwhile Elaine, Dread, Daria and Johan were slowly making their way towards Ida in the hope that Queen Sacharissa would allow them access to the catacombs where Elaine was sure the lich was hiding.

The fourth and final instalment in the Bookworm series, Full Circle follows on immediately from the events in The Best Laid Plans, with Elaine and her friends heading for Ida to confront the Witch-King.


Christopher Nuttall's Full Circle is the fourth and final novel in the Bookworm series of epic fantasy novels. It's an excellent and well written sequel to The Best Laid Plans. It's fluently written fantasy entertainment at its best, because the author moves the story fast forward and reveals interesting things to his readers.

Christopher Nuttall is one of the few authors who write consistently good entertainment. Writing good entertainment is a gift - you either have this gift or you don't. Christopher Nuttall has this gift, because he creates fascinating stories and manages to entertain his readers. He has his own distinct writing style that appeals to readers who love entertaining and amusing stories. I like his novels and storytelling abilities, because he writes captivating stories filled with interesting characters, good ideas and plot twists.

Full Circle is a fast-paced and fluently written fantasy novel that will please readers who enjoy reading epic and entertaining stories. The author has done his best to write a novel that his fans will love, because the story goes full speed ahead towards the ending and contains plenty of magic.

Here's a bit of information about the story:

In the prologue, the Witch-King is worried about the threat to his existence... Charity is furious about her new position as the Emperor's slave, because she has to obey his every command. The Emperor delivers death and destruction with his dragons and conquers cities. He treats people poorly and expects absolute obedience from those who serve him. He enforces obedience by death, magic and hostages... Charity finds out that his brother, Jamal, has become a slave and saves him. Jamal becomes the Emperor's tool, because he needs Jamal to kill Johan... Elaine, Johan, Daria and Dread have reached a mid-sized town called Falcone's Nest. They're keeping their identities secret, because they're trying to hide from the Emperor and want to contact the Levellers. Soon the Emperor finds out where they are and they have to face him...

This is the beginning of an action-filled and highly entertaining novel that brings Elaine's story to a satisfying conclusion.

Here's a bit of information about some of the characters:

- Elaine is an intriguing character, because she has plenty of magical knowledge in her head because of a magical trap that gave her all the knowledge - including the dangerous and forbidden knowledge - in the Great Library. Because of what happened to her, she knows many things about magic and is capable of using it in her own way.

- Johan Conidian is an especially interesting character, because he used to be Powerless, but suddenly acquired the ability to use magic. His magic is different from normal magic. He had an extremely difficult childhood, because his family treated him badly for being Powerless. He was being kept a prisoner and was constantly tortured and teased by his siblings.

- Charity Conidian, Johan's sister, has become the Emperor's slave. She has to obey him and his commands because of the oaths she had to swear. She's furious and desperate about her situation, but can't do anything about it.

- Dread is an Inquisitor, but he has lost his powers. He's trying to live without his powers. He helps Elaine and Johan.

- Daria is Elaine's friend. She's quite different from Elaine, but their good friends who trust each other. She's a werewolf.

- Vlad Deferens is the deranged Emperor. He is a mad ruler who wants to dominate and subjugate people.

Elaine has grown a lot as a character since she gained knowledge of all of the knowledge in the Great Library. She's much more confident now and doesn't easily give up. She has learned many things and she's capable of using magic in her own way, which allows her to do certain things that others can't do.

It was interesting to read about the bond between Elaine and Johan, because Johan is Elaine's apprentice. Their bond differs slightly from the normal master and apprentice bond, because they're of similar age. They find themselves developing feelings towards each other.

The scene in which Elaine teaches things to others is entertaining, because she gets to be a teacher. She finds herself enjoying it, because she didn't have an opportunity teach anybody when she worked in the Great Library.

It was intriguing to read about Dread, because he has lost all of his magical powers. Although he has lost his powers, he's strong and doesn't show any signs of weakness to others.

I've noticed that there aren't many fantasy authors who write about bullying and its consequences on the characters. I think it's great that Christopher Nuttall examines this issues in a deep way and allows his readers to see how the characters are affected by what they have been forced to endure, because it adds depth to the story.

Reading about Johan's problems is interesting, because he has to struggle with his emotions concerning his family. His memories about the endless humiliations and sadistic tricks that his family members made him endure still haunt him. He suffers greatly from what his family did to him, because he was tormented in a cruel way.

The Emperor's madness is described in a thrilling way. The author paints a vivid picture of a man driven by madness, magic, greed and power. The Emperor treats people badly and has summoned dragons using the magic of sacrifical victims. He's more than willing to spread destruction around him to get what he wants. You can't reason with him, because he doesn't listen to anyone.

It was thrilling to read about the Witch-King and his evil plans. The author writes well about how he has nurtured his plans for centuries and has paved the way for his return by affecting the minds of certain magic users.

I enjoyed reading about how Christopher Nuttall wrote about the fate of the Conidian family. They had always been a great house, but now all of the surviving members of the family were in grave danger. In my opinion, the author writes fascinatingly about how Johan and Charity feels about what's happening, because they both have to deal with several issues.

Worldbuilding is good, because the author paints a vivid picture of an Empire that is on the brink of total collapse because of the Witch-King's evil machinations. All of the Witch-King's devious plans have finally come to fruition and the Empire is about to be torn apart. The author writes fluently about the various places and cities (Falcone's Nest, Rising Shadow, Ida etc)

I have to mention that it was fascinating to read about how many remote places that were ruled the Empire had plenty of resentment towards the Empire, because they suffered under its rule.

It's great that the author shows his readers what the Witch-King thinks about his opponents and how he deals with them. He feels that his existence is threatened by Elaine and Johan, because they could destroy him. The conversation between him and Elaine is one of the highlights of the story, because they talk about magic and Elaine finds out many things.

Just like its predecessors, Full Circle features compelling magic. Along with intriguing characters, the author's detailed descriptions about magic are the heart and soul of this novel, because he writes fascinatingly about magic and how it is being used in the world. In this novel, the author reveals more secrets about magic, so readers who love reading about magic will find a lot to enjoy in the story.

One of the most important reasons why I love this novel and the whole series is the author's ability to reveal tiny bits and pieces about characters, magic and history throughout the story. By not revealing everything at once he hooked me and made me want to read the story as fast as possible.

I found the final confrontation thrilling and well written. It will please fans of this series, because all of the different threads come together and readers find out what happens to the characters.

Now that I've read all of the novels in this series, I can say that it's been a pleasure to read the whole story. The author has created a wonderfully large story arc that has allowed him to develop his characters and has given him an opportunity to let them mature as persons.

I have to admit that it's a bit sad to say goodbye to Elaine and her companions, because it's been fun to read about them and their deeds, but all good things must come to an end. It's nice that the ending is satisfying and leaves room for possible future exploration of the fantasy world.

If you enjoy reading fantasy entertainment, Christopher Nuttall's Full Circle will provide fascinating entertainment to you. It's one of the best novels of its kind, because it features plenty of action, magic and plot twists. If you're in need of something light and entertaining to read, you can't go wrong by reading this novel and its predecessors.

My final words are:

Christopher Nuttall's Full Circle is good, interesting and well written fantasy entertainment!

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