Philip Fracassi's Fragile Dreams will be published by JournalStone in November 2016.

Information about Philip Fracassi:

Philip Fracassi, an author and screenwriter, lives in Los Angeles.

His upcoming collection of stories, BEHOLD THE VOID, will be published by JournalStone on March 10, 2017. He has a novella, FRAGILE DREAMS, due in November 2016, and a second novella, SACCULINA, due in May 2017, both from JournalStone. He is published in several current and upcoming publications.

He has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and was the founder of Equator Books, a publishing house and rare, out-of-print bookstore in Venice, CA.

Prior to publishing, he spent seven years as a live music producer for House of Blues Entertainment, producing concert DVD’s for The Psychedelic Furs and Public Enemy and more than 3,000 live internet broadcasts with bands such as The Cure, Motley Crue and Depeche Mode. He also produced the first live streaming concert ever broadcast over the internet.

Philip currently works full-time in the film industry and on his writing.  His screenplay credits include “Girl Missing,” distributed by Mar Vista Entertainment (2015) for Lifetime Television and “Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups,” distributed by Disney Home Entertainment (2012). Films in development include “Escape the Night,” “The Boys in the Valley,” “Gothic,” and “Vintage.” Visit his IMDB page for more on his film projects.

His new horror novelettes, “ALTAR,” and “MOTHER” are currently available as individual paperbacks and Kindle eBooks via

His literary novel, “The Egotist” is also available online.

Click here to visit his official website.

Information about Fragile Dreams:

When a savage earthquake rocks Los Angeles, buildings crumble and highways fall apart. Matthew Calvert, a young family man on the job interview of his life, finds himself at ground zero of the destruction - his building collapses beneath him and he wakes to find himself buried under a mountain of rubble, badly injured, trapped in the dark.

As his injuries worsen with each passing hour, he clings to memories to fight off the fear of impending death, the hope for salvation. Soon, however, the memories turn morbid and his terror escalates.

There are things with him in the dark.

Trying desperately to hold onto his sanity, Matthew clings to the barrier between this life and the next, his mind flipping between reality and delusion, before confronting a final horrifying truth:

Sometimes the hallucinations are real.


Philip Fracassi (the author of the excellent novelettes Mother and Altar) is one of the rising stars in the field of modern horror fiction and literary weird fiction. His latest story, Fragile Dreams, proves that he is one of the most talented authors of weird fiction to have emerged during the recent years, because he writes powerful stories.

Fragile Dreams is an exceptionally thrilling and well written novella. I was very impressed by Philip Fracassi's storytelling skills, because he delivers a gripping story with an unsettling atmosphere. This novella is a deliciously disturbing and unnerving slice of claustrophobic nightmare that unfolds powerfully towards the chilling ending.

Here's a bit of information about the story:

- A man called Matthew Calvert is about to have a job interview at Baskin and Associates when an earthquake rocks the building. He sees how the walls, the floor and the ceiling crack and collapse around him. The whole building seems to collapse in an implosion of glass, concrete and iron...

- When Matthew regains his consciousness he finds himself buried under a pile of rubble. He is stuck and can't move. As his injuries worsen, he desperately clings to memories to fight off the fear of death, but soon things turn macabre...

This is all I'll write about the story, because I don't want to give away too much information about it. I'll only mention that it's an excellent story that's worth reading.

Matthew is an interesting protagonist. He is a young family man who is married to Diane with a son, Robbie. The memories are interesting, because reveal a lot of information about Matthew's feelings and his life (the author paints a vivid picture of Matthew's life).

Philip Fracassi's vision of being buried under rubble is very powerful and disturbing. Reading about Matthew's struggle for sanity and survival is thrilling, because the author pulls all the right strings to make the reader feel uncomfortable and creates a claustrophobic atmosphere that feels realistic. When you read this story, you can easily imagine what it feels like to be trapped with nowhere to go, because the author gives his readers a stunning glimpse into how Matthew's mind works when faced with a stressful situation.

I like the author's way of maintaining suspense and tension throughout the story, because he never lets the atmosphere slacken. One might easily think that a story about being trapped under a pile of rubble would be boring, but this story is anything but boring. When you begin to read it, you'll find yourself wholly captivated by it.

After reading Mother, Altar and Fragile Dreams, I can say that Philip Fracassi is an author whose stories deserve to be read. I consider him to be fully equal to such authors as Laird Barron, Livia Llewellyn, John Langan, Nathan Ballingrud, Michael Wehunt and Richard Gavin, because he writes good prose and thrills his readers with weird happenings that shake the lives and minds of his protagonists.

Philip Fracassi's Fragile Dreams is a tour-de-force of storytelling, atmosphere and creepiness. If you call yourself a fan of modern weird fiction and love psychologically challenging horror fiction, you should put this novella immediately to your reading list, because it's a a genuinely frightening and memorable reading experience. Trust me, you'll love it!

Highly recommended!

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