Guest post: The Night Vigil by Gail Z. Martin

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Risingshadow has an opportunity to feature a guest post by Gail Z. Martin.

This guest post is part of the author's Days of the Dead blog tour.

Guest post: The Night Vigil by Gail Z. Martin

When a series of disappearances, suicides, and vengeful spirits cause havoc and death along a remote interstate highway, demon-hunting ex-priest Travis Dominick teams up with former special ops soldier and monster-hunter Brent Lawson to end the problem with extreme prejudice.

Sons of Darkness (Night Vigil #1) by Gail Z. Martin
Sons of Darkness is the first book in the Night Vigil series, where we meet Travis and Brent, and the group of people with paranormal abilities—and deep regrets—Travis calls the “Night Vigil’.

Unfinished business ties us to the mortal world, to make atonement, find absolution, satisfy retribution, get things right. You won’t find a sorrier group of halfway house heroes. No illusions left—about ourselves, humanity, or what’s really out there in the darkness. Just a purpose, to go down fighting the good fight. Because this is our last chance.

One final chance to make it right, the thin red line of humanity against the evil that goes bump in the night, your best hope to make it through the hour of the wolf.

Travis used to be a Roman Catholic priest and because of his abilities as a psychic medium, he was recruited into the Sinistram, a shadowy, secret, Vatican-sanctioned supernatural strike team. Travis became disillusioned by both the Sinistram’s methods and his experience with the Church, and left the priesthood and the Sinistram. Now he runs St. Dismas Halfway House in a seedy Pittsburgh neighborhood, and hunts demons in his spare time.

C.H.A.R.O.N. (Night Vigil #2) by Gail Z. Martin
The people he thinks of as his Night Vigil allies all got into some sort of life-shattering situation because they had untrained paranormal abilities and made poor choices based on good intentions and bad information. Travis knows something about that himself. The Night Vigil becomes a loose alliance of people who feed Travis information to help him put right problems caused by dark magic or supernatural creatures. Consider it a ‘pay-it-forward’ kind of redemption for mistakes that can never be truly erased.

Demons have harried Brent all his life. They slaughtered his family, tried to destroy his army unit during a firefight in the Middle East, dogged his cases as a Pittsburgh cop. Now, Brent is a private investigator specializing in cases with a supernatural angle, and a demon hunter on weekends. When he and Travis cross paths, they go from rivals to reluctant allies to hunting partners as they risk their lives to protect people caught in a web of dark magic and demonic danger.

Watch for book two—C.H.A.R.O.N.—coming in 2022!

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Gail Z. Martin
Gail Z. Martin

Gail Zehner Martin was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Grove City College with a B.A. in History, and earned an M.B.A. in marketing and management information systems from The Pennsylvania State University.

After nearly 20 years as a marketing executive for corporations and non-profit organizations, she started her own consulting firm, Dream Spinner Communications. She also writes feature articles on a variety of topics for regional and national magazines. In addition to writing and consulting, Ms. Martin teaches public relations writing and public speaking for the University of North Carolina - Charlotte. She is married and has three children, a Himalayan cat and a golden retriever.

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