Risingshadow has the honour of publishing a guest post by Lisanne Valente.

Lisanne was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland but loves to travel.  Her travels have taken her to many parts of the US, one of her favourite places is Alaska. She has also travelled extensively in Europe.  Her genetic recipe is quite diverse and includes a teaspoon of  Italian, a tablespoon of German, a tablespoon of Irish and 2 ladles of Scots!

Lisanne has always enjoyed writing and her fertile imagination helped to bring together ideas and thoughts she has had for many years. Her parents encouraged her inventive imagination. Her  sister, Morag, was also a marvellous story teller and loved to tell Lisanne tales to help her sleep.  She is remembered in all the books Lisanne writes but more so in the first of The Park Family Trilogy, Lauren.

Lisanne's first book, Cathedral City is a dedication to her parents, Harry and Mary Bocker who both grew up in Leith, Edinburgh.  Both parents were sadly killed in an automobile accident but their memories live on through Lisanne and her family.

She is fiercely proud of her sons and daughter in law who, together with her best friend, her husband Paul, have been the encouragement and support upon which she depends.

Lisanne's brothers and their families appear as characters in one, two or even more of her books.

Despite a hectic home life, Lisanne continues to read everything she can get her hands on and manages to continue writing her books that will shortly be available in print and electronic editions.

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GUEST POST: Why Women Are Writing More Fantasy by Lisanne Valente

When asked to write this, I wanted to praise all those wonderful authors who have brought a certain magic to light, thanks to their books. There are so many now, that the page, instead of being a narrative of the reasons why women write fantasy, would simply be a page of the authors’ names!

We have moved forward from fantasy being stories of Hans Christian Anderson and the Grimm brothers, to be honest, their stories were too frightening at times to read to children, yet they are classed as children literature. It wasn’t until Disney took over with their cartoon creations of these books, that helped to prevent scaring children half to death when reading to them of witches, children getting lost in woods while being chased by a madman intent on chopping them to death.

No, Fantasy, covers a wide spectrum of stories, now. It no longer exists with elves and pixies or magical men making gold out of hay, and it’s no longer written by men only.

Male authors continue their work to fascinate, but into a certain void has stepped a multitude of female authors with fanciful creations, exciting stories and fantastic voyages that any reader would become enthralled from the very first page.

Women have opened the minds of many readers with their inventive stories. They create imaginary people and I think therein lies the clue as to why there are so many women writing more fantasy.

We are no longer limited to treks into space, and creatures from another galaxy we can now read of humans battling demons on earth. Writing about humans we can relate to. Men and women with strength and courage, or those humans who are completely evil. We can believe in a reality rather than a fantasy. That is the road Fantasy has taken, you can almost touch the character, believe he is real and find yourself in the situation whereby you too, could be helping the character because he is no longer impalpable, he has become tangible.

With the likes of Karen Marie Moning whose Fantasy books are inventive, they include the Fae and Demons, yet in amongst the imaginary there are the real, flesh and blood humans. Or Diana Gabaldon who takes us into the past with her Outlander novels.

Why are there more women writing fantasy? With more eroticism in fantasy now, there is an element of the female writer knowing what a woman wants. Yes, men do as well! Women are able to let loose their wild imaginations and make a page jump out as her words wrap around you like a spider tying you into his web. The author can touch your heart, she can make you believe the unbelievable when you read of the hero’s love for an angel or a demon.

For too long women were not expected to write fantasy novels and were limited to romance but in every woman there is a fantasy world trying to escape and the female author has that knowledge of how to touch and free that world.

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