Risingshadow has the honour of publishing a guest post by Kelvyn Fernandes.

Kelvyn Fernandes is author of The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi.

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GUEST POST by Kelvyn Fernandes

Hi, I'm Kelvyn Fernandes, author of The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi.

Peter and Fi is the culmination of all the stories that didn't quite stick. I'd describe myself as a new author, but lifetime imaginer. I can't remember a point in my life where I didn't have some sort of adventure or journey or storyline playing out in my head every time I got some time to myself. Sometimes it'd involve me, sometimes people I know, sometimes new characters I invented on the fly. They'd always be plunked into a mesmerizing rainforest, or a meteor would fall from the sky into the heart of a city, or God would pluck them from the earth and bestow them with powers. And then, they would go on an adventure, making friends, besting enemies, overcoming challenges and growing as people along the way. This would last days, weeks, months even as the characters progressed little by little while brushing my teeth, or daydreaming in class, or in the ten minutes before I fell asleep. Until one day, the story reached its end, or else I got bored of it, or some new idea barrelled in and took its place. And then the previous story would be forgotten, never to cross my mind again except in fragments of nostalgia.

The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi is the first story that I will never forget. It's the story that popped into my mind and refused to leave. The characters took hold and dragged me through a tale of incredible monsters, interesting characters, and jaw-dropping settings I had buried away in my imagination. It got to the point where the adventures started writing themselves. I had formed these characters so clearly in my mind that I no longer had to think about what they'd say or how they'd react. It was like watching a movie; I was just bearing witness to what they would do next.

I decided this was it. This was the story I wanted to tell. This would be the culmination of all the adventures that never had a chance to occur. This was the one I'd commit to pen and share with the world. And after that, something amazing happened. I didn't give up, or lose interest, or replace it with something new. I actually wrote it!

I'd love for you to take a chance on me and discover for yourself why I think the characters and story of Peter and Fi are so special. I'm trying something new with my approach. Of course, the full first volume is available for purchase on amazon and kobo, with an audiobook version also available on audible. But also, I'm offering the ebook and audiobook versions for free as well with a new chapter releasing every Thursday until the volume is complete and it's fully available. The free ebook can be found on my patreon page, whereas the free audiobook can be found as a podcast on your favourite podcasting service (itunes, stitcher, Spotify, etc.) I'm always eager to hear my readers' thoughts and would love to discuss my story with you. So please give The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi a chance, I could use some company on this journey!


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