Risingshadow has the honour of featuring a guest post by Jason P. Hein.

About the Author:

Jason P. Hein is a writer of Medieval Fantasy and Science-Fantasy, best known for his four book saga The Varsian Kingdom Series. He also writes poetry and short stories, mostly connected to The Varsian Kingdom. Jason began writing at 13 years of age and published his first book, Inspired Poetry, when he was 17. He has also been featured in the Mirrored Voices Poetry Anthologies, and his first two books in The Varsian Kingdom have hit #1 best sellers in the top 100 Free Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks.

Jason currently lives outside a rural community in Oklahoma on his family farm. While the solitude and nature nurture his creativity, he is continually adding to the Varsian Kingdom. His latest project, Music From Varsia, includes 8 musical tracks. Each track representing a unique culture from the Varsian Kingdom itself.

You can visit his official website at www.VarsianKingdom.com


The Varsian Kingdom:

The Varsian Kingdom is a vast world with four books, two companion books, and a newly released prequel! The original saga is a unique work that focuses on multiple main characters.

Book 1: Arise to Fall, focuses on a young girl who lives as a serf on the king’s manor. In an epic coming of age adventure she must defy the authority of the corrupt king and set off on a trek across the Varsian Kingdom with little more than the blessing of her parents and the word of Shasia, Queen of the Light Fairies. Her quest to bring back the rightful Line of Kings draws much attention from the powers that be. All the wrong kind of attention.

Book 2: The Night Whisperer and The Silver Trixter, focusing on a new main character, Lady Goldwing, is an epic tale of adventure, romance, and self-discovery. As Lady Goldwing struggles with a twisted past and the loss of loved ones at the hands of her evil father, she unknowingly sets forth on a journey that will alter her life in an even greater way. Within the pages of lost genealogy that her father hid from her before his death, some great mystery waits to be unearthed... a mystery only a dead man can solve.

Book 3: Liberation of Sephiera, follows yet a third set of main characters in a completely new realm. It continues the Saga from Varsia with a story of love, betrayal, and sacrifice. We meet Varsia's seventh specter, explore new lands, and face deadly foes.
We get to know the characters, new and old, on their quest to liberate Sephiera from the clutches of darkness, and save their home!

Book 4: Darkfire, finally sees the culmination of all the previous plots, leading to an epic battle that will decide the fate of two realms with the most epic battle of all! We meet a mysterious hero of the past, span two realms, and travel with the greatest army Varsia has ever seen as they seek to end the evil reign of Azrael. Darkfire is an epic tale of war, loss, and adventure! Explore the Forest of Eternal Night, visit Dragonhead Isle, and face the most deadly villain the world has ever known. Many of our characters will not leave this encountered unchanged. Join the heroes and heroines of Varsia and Miytelica as they seek the mysterious hero of old. The one prophesied to destroy evil once and for all.

The Legacy of Ravenbane:

The long awaited prequel to The Varsian Kingdom Series! In a timeless age and a once perfect world, corruption has decimated the lands of Varsia. The higher races have abandoned the mortals and left them at the cruel mercy of Azrael, a fallen varsa from the original creation. When a young man is conceived with a dark omen upon his birth, Azrael thinks him to be the prophesied one to fulfill the unholy Dusk Holder's Prophecies. Instead, this boy proves to be the most formidable enemy the dark varsa has ever met. With the wisdom of the naiads, the strength of the dragons, and the courage of the highlanders, Ravenbane Darkfire will challenge the world's most evil creation. Azrael, The Evil One.

Companion Books:

The Varsian Kingdom also comes with two companion books, Tales From Varsia, and Poems of Varsian Lore. Dive into the lore, get unique insights into the original saga, deepen the backstory of the characters, and enjoy new adventures through poetry and short stories. Both books are a fun addition to the world of Varsia!

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