You can read a new story (Winter is Coming) by Mark Howard Jones at Horla, which is called The Home of Intelligent Horror:

About Mark Howard Jones:

Mark Howard Jones is the editor of the Lovecraftian anthologies Cthulhu Cymraeg: Lovecraftian Tales from Wales and Cthulhu Cymraeg 2. His latest short story collection is Flowers of War.

A short review about Winter is Coming:

Mark Howard Jones' Winter is Coming is a slice of excellence for readers who love literary horror fiction and weird fiction. It's an atmospheric, beautifully written and unsettling tale of a woman who, after wrecking the car she was driving, finds herself being watched by someone.

There's something creepy about this story that reminds me of classic horror and weird fiction tales. The gradually unfolding story is steeped in unsettling strangeness that culminates into a satisfyingly eerie and terrifying ending.

I was impressed by how fluently the author writes about the woman and her life, because he tells of what kind of a relationship she had with her father and what happens to her after the accident. I also liked the author's way of creating a sense of something not being quite right, because he did it in an excellent way.

If you love literary horror fiction or weird fiction, you should read this story, because it deserves to be read. I highly recommend it to readers who love atmospheric and unsettling tales.

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