Lovecraftian Horror & Strange Stories

by Mark Howard Jones

Star-Spawned by Mark Howard Jones cover image

Publisher: Macabre Ink / Crossroad Press
Publishing date:
March 2022


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About Mark Howard Jones:

Mark Howard Jones was born on the twenty-sixth anniversary of H.P Lovecraft’s death and grew up in a town in south Wales where it once rained fish. He has had dozens of short stories published around the world, some of which are collected in Songs From Spider Street (Screaming Dreams), Brightest Black (Screaming Dreams), Dreamglass Days (ISMs Press) and Flowers Of War (Black Shuck). A regular contributor to Weird Fiction Review in the U.S. and to PS Publishing’s Black Wings series, he is also the editor of both volumes of Cthulhu Cymraeg: Lovecraftian Tales From Wales. His Cthulhu Mythos novella ‘Still Life With Death’ was published in the 2020 anthology The Book Of Yig: Revelations Of The Serpent (Macabre Ink).

About Star-Spawned:

In these twenty tales of the weird and twisted you will visit temples dedicated to the worship of dark gods spawned under the diseased light of long-dead stars; find yourself lost in damned places where truth and sanity vanish like mist in sunlight; meet strangers who make you pray that all you think you know is wrong; and discover that love is really just another gateway to unending despair.

You may even find confirmation of the dreadful fact that you are what you always feared you might be.

Stories included in this collection:

Beneath Black Spires
Put on the Mask
The Turn of the Tide
The Cobwebbed Bird House
The Last Ones
Sunday (Early Evening Ecstasy)
Taking the Cure
The Rolling of Old Thunder
Red Walls
Out of Stock
Finest Garments Repaired
In the Deeps of Dream
By a Scarlet Thread
Side 1, Track 3
Treading the Lost Path (Descending Aklo Songs)
A Meeting Beneath the Moon
For the Love of Insects
Late Night, Caradoc Street
The Sixth Guardian
Doorgrave to the Bittersea


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