The Last Star by Terry Grimwood

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The Last Star (Interference #2) by Terry Grimwood
The Last Star
Interference #2
by Terry Grimwood

Beware god-like aliens bearing gifts

Stasis and inorganic self-repair, new spacefaring technologies for humankind, yet more gifts from its closest extra-terrestrial ally, the Iaens. There are, it seems, no limits to humanity’s outward journey.

Then Lana Reed, Mission Commander of the interstellar colony seeder, Drake, awakes from her own stasis to discover that all but three of the vessel’s other tanks are dark, their occupants suffocated, screaming yet unheard in their high-tech coffins. But the stasis tanks are not all that is dark. The sensors return no readings from outside. The external vid-feeds show only unending blackness.

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Publishing date: May 5, 2023 (digital edition), June 5, 2023 (paperback edition).

Publisher: Elsewhen Press

Series: Interference, Book 2

Genre: Science fiction