These Long Teeth of the Night by Alexander Zelenyj

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These Long Teeth of the Night: The Best Short Stories 1999-2019 by Alexander Zelenyj

Publisher: Fourth Horseman Press

Publishing date: Hardcover edition 2022, paperback edition 2023

Review: Review at Risingshadow

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About These Long Teeth of the Night:

For over twenty years, Alexander Zelenyj has been writing unforgettable fiction. His stories span the literary continuum, blending genres in new and unexpected ways to create what many critics have described as “unclassifiable” literature. Never afraid to venture to those places that few other authors would dare to explore, he weaves bold narratives that are by turns harrowing, insightful, and revelatory. They are stories that confront the most abhorrent of monsters, embrace the truth and the wonder of the human condition, and pose questions without answer.

These Long Teeth of the Night celebrates the first two decades of Zelenyj’s published short fiction. This special anniversary retrospective collects twenty-eight of his most remarkable stories, including new material and notes from the author that offer unique insight into the creative process.

Prepare yourself. The stories of Alexander Zelenyj are stories of the night. And it has teeth.