Mercedes M. Yardley's Nameless: The Darkness Comes was published by Ragnarok Publications in January 2014. It's the first part of The Bone Angel Trilogy.

Information about Mercedes M. Yardley:

Mercedes M. Yardley is a dark fantasist who wears stilettos and poisonous flowers in her hair. She can be found in many anthologies and magazines, and is a contributing editor for Shock Totem Magazine. Her short story collection, Beautiful Sorrows, came out in the fall of 2012, and her novella Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love came out in September of 2013. Her debut novel, Nameless: The Darkness Comes, will be out in January 2014. It is the first book in The Bone Angel Trilogy.

Information about Nameless: The Darkness Comes:

Luna has been dealing with the demonic all of her life, so when her brother gets tangled up with a demon named Sparkles, Luna the Lunatic rolls in on her motorcycle to save the day.

Armed with the ability to harm demons, her scathing sarcasm, and a hefty chip on her shoulder, Luna gathers the most unusual of allies, teaming up with a green-eyed heroin addict and a snarky demon "of some import."

After all, outcasts of a feather should stick together... even until the very end.


Mercedes M. Yardley's Nameless: The Darkness Comes was a nice surprise for me. I'm not a big fan of modern urban fantasy books (I admit that I tend to avoid reading them), because most of them are more or less boring and their authors recycle the same plots over and over again. This book, however, caught my attention, and I found it enjoyable, because it was something a bit different.

One of the reasons why I like this book is that it manages to be both whimsical/funny and dramatic (and also macabre) at the same time. There's a nice balance between the dramatic scenes, funny moments and macabre happenings. This is something that is rarely found in urban fantasy books.

Mercedes M. Yardley shows her readers the gritty and darker side of urban fantasy in this book. She combines dark happenings and grittiness in an intriguing way.

Here's a bit of information about the story:

The story is told from the protagonist's (Luna Masterson) point of view. She's a great narrator, because she describes things and happenings in a sarcastic way. She fights against demons and can talk to them. When her brother, Seth, gets into trouble, Luna decides to help him...

Mercedes M. Yardley has created good and interesting characters. Her characters feel realistic and they have their own personalities. Luna is an especially intriguing characters, because she's a strong and courageous woman, but she also has a vulnerable side to her. This is good, because I've often felt more than a bit frustrated when I've tried to read urban fantasy books, because the protagonists in them have been as shallow as possible and I wasn't able to find anything interesting in them.

Here's information about the characters:

- Luna Masterson has been able to see the demonic ever since she was a child. She tries to hide the fact she can talk to demons and see them, but sometimes she slips up and that causes her problems. She often talks and interacts with the demons.

- Seth is Luna's brother. He takes care of his daughter (Lydia) with Luna, because his wife, Sparkles, left him.

- Reed Taylor is Luna's friend and doesn't judge her. He used to be a drug addict.

- Sparkles is Seth's wife. She isn't a very nice person. (Readers will find out interesting things about her.)

I have to admit that I was amazed at the author's ability to add sarcastic humour to the story and dialogues. Luna's thoughts and opinions about several happenings are delightfully sarcastic and sharp and I couldn't help but laugh out loud at certain points.

The author writes amazingly well about such difficult things as insanity and suicide. I think it's good that she writes about how people feel about when Luna talks and interacts with demons, because what's normal to Luna is crazy to others. For example, the dialogues between Luna and Seth reveal a lot about how a member of her own family feels about her ability, because Seth can't see demons and has difficulties understanding his sister and her behaviour.

There's a well written and realistic scene about a suicide attempt. In my opinion the author writes about the suicide attempt in a surprisingly realistic way and manages to awaken the reader's sympathy for the characters. Considering that this book is fast-paced entertainment, it's amazing that the story contains a difficult scene like this.

I liked the ending, because the author has written it well. I won't reveal what happens at the end of the story, but I think that readers will like it very much. I'll also mention that I think that fans of H. P. Lovecraft will be delighted to see a certain cosmic entity mentioned briefly in the story.

Mercedes M. Yardley is a relatively unknown author, but I think that she will become a popular author, because she has a talent for writing interesting urban fantasy and she can create fascinating characters. Because I liked this book and found it interesting, I intend to take a look at the author's novella (Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love) and short story collection (Beautiful Sorrows) in the near future.

Nameless: The Darkness Comes is an exciting, fresh, fast-paced and entertaining urban fantasy book for readers who are interested in modern urban fantasy books. It's one of the best modern urban fantasy books available for readers, because the author has written a good story and knows how to move it fast forward. If you want your urban fantasy with style, attitude, grittiness and good characters, Nameless: The Darkness Comes is the book to read.

Good entertainment!

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