Armand Rosamilia's Chelsea Avenue was published by Ragnarok Publications in September 2014.

Information about Armand Rosamilia:

Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey boy currently living in sunny Florida, where he writes when he's not sleeping.

He's written over 100 stories that are currently available, including a few different series: Dying Days (extreme zombie series), Keyport Cthulhu (horror series), Flagler Beach (contemporary fiction), Metal Queens (non-fiction music series)... He also loves to talk in third person because he's really that cool. He's a proud Active member of HWA as well.

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Information about Chelsea Avenue:

Some things never stop until the deed is done.

On July 8th 1987, in Long Branch, New Jersey, The Haunted House Pier and Murphy's Law club fires destroyed not only local landmarks, but everything Manny Santiago found dear.

And it isn't over.

The entity responsible for killing Manny's family and wreaking devastation in the small seaside community has reappeared. Again. And is growing in power.

Now every July 8th it returns, and this time survivors of the fires, including Manny, are being led back to the now-vacant lot on Chelsea Avenue, where the entity intends to finish what it started in 1987 once and for all.


Armand Rosamilia's Chelsea Avenue is a good and well written horror novel that can be recommended to readers who are interested in modern horror fiction. I was positively surprised by this novel, because it was an entertaining, delightfully dark and easily likeable novel.

Chelsea Avenue is a simple yet complex novel that offers entertaining chills and thrills to horror readers, because it tells of an entity that haunts a seaside community and gradually gains more power. The author combines horror elements and everyday life happenings in a surprisingly good and addictive way in this novel.

Here's a bit of information about the story:

- A deadly and dangerous entity, Wiy of the Water, begins to prepare for his Ascension, but Og of the Flame, Soh of the Wind and Dir of the Earth have been looking for him and they try to bind him. At the same time Wiy begins a ritual of his own that binds him to the area...

- Manny Santiago is a young man whose parents own the club called Murphy's Law. Suddenly the club burns down and Manny loses everything he held dear...

- People, who survived the fire, are each year drawn to the place of the fire. There they meet their doom...

- Manny's life is connected to the happenings that take place in the small community...

That's all I'll write about the story, because it wouldn't be fair to reveal more about it.

In my opinion the author has constructed this novel well, because he wrote fluently about people who survived the fire and what happened to them afterwards. Readers get to see how something bad happens to the survivors each year on the anniversary of the fire. The author has come up with intriguing storylines for the survivors, because they're all different from each other and have lived different lives.

Manny is a well created and three-dimensional character. I enjoyed reading about his life, because the author revealed what happened to him over the years. At the beginning of the story he was a young man, but then he grew up, became a cop and got married etc.

What I like most about this novel is that it contains a bit different kind of an evil entity and the characters are realistic. Armand Rosamilia seems to have an ability to write believably about the characters and their lives, which is great, because I've always liked reading about realistic characters (I think it's important that modern horror authors pay attention to the characters and character development).

The author doesn't shy away from difficult material, but writes boldly about sex and violence. He uses both in a good way and manages to shock his readers with a few brilliantly disturbing scenes. For example, what the evil entity does to the woman in the first chapter has been handled well, because the entity's actions and thoughts are disturbing.

After reading this novel I can say that Armand Rosamilia seems to be a good and promising horror writer, because he's capable of writing about different characters and he also manages to create an intriguing supernatural story that hooks the reader with the first few chapters and makes the reader want to know what happens at the end of story. I look forward to reading more of his stories.

Although Chelse Avenue is a modern horror novel, it reminded me a bit of Stephen King's early novels. I'm sure that readers who have enjoyed reading King's early novels will like this novel, because there's something similar in this novel as there is in King's novels.

If you enjoy reading horror novels that have supernatural elements and evil entities in them, Chelse Avenue will most likely pleasy you very much. It's a well written, atmospheric and entertaining modern horror novel that has realistic characters in it, so you should consider taking a look at it.

My final words are:

Armand Rosamilia's Chelsea Avenue is good and entertaining horror fiction!

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