Mercedes M. Yardley's Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Novel of Murder and Whimsy will be  published by Ragnarok Publications in September 2014.

Information about Mercedes M. Yardley:

Mercedes M. Yardley has two broken laptops, three kids, a husband and no time to write, although she tries her very best.

She likes to write stories. She likes to write poems. She likes to write essays and sometimes they're funny, sometimes they aren't.

She is the author of Beautiful Sorrows, Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love, and Nameless: The Darkness Comes, which is the first book of what she is calling The Bone Angel Trilogy.

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Information about Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Novel of Murder and Whimsy:

"Run, Star Girl."

Bryony Adams is destined to be murdered, but fortunately Fate has terrible marksmanship. In order to survive, she must run as far and as fast as she can. After arriving in Seattle, Bryony befriends a tortured musician, a market fish-thrower, and a starry-eyed hero who is secretly a serial killer bent on fulfilling Bryony's dark destiny.

Mercedes M. Yardley's Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Novel of Murder and Whimsy is a dark, lovely fairy tale with lyrical language and a high body count. It features a cover by Hugo award winner Galen Dara.


How often have you felt frustrated when you've begun to read a modern dark fantasy flavoured novel or an urban fantasy novel with dark fantasy elements? Have you, for example, said to yourself "No, not this again!"? If you're tired of reading clichéd stories and want to read something totally different, Mercedes M. Yardley's Pretty Little Dead Girls is a perfect novel for you. It's excellent antidote for readers who have overdosed on bland modern fantasy and want to read a good novel.

Mercedes M. Yardley's Pretty Little Dead Girls is a darkly beautiful and strangely compelling fairy tale for adults. It's a fascinating combination of dark fantasy and urban fantasy elements. I was impressed by the dark and original story, because it was different from other stories in many ways (I have to mention that I don't recall reading anything quite like this before). I don't often praise this kind of novels, but in my opinion, this novel deserves to be praised for being a boldly different kind of a novel and the author must also be praised for writing it.

Dark happenings, death, beauty, whimsiness and everyday life blend in an irresistible way in Pretty Little Dead Girls. In less capable hands this novel might have been a total disaster, because it contains common elements that can be found in many fantasy novels, but Mercedes M. Yardley manages to use these elements in an exciting way.

It's great that author intentionally avoids clichés. You don't have to be afraid of being annoyed when you begin to read this novel, because the author has done her best to create a memorable story that contains lyrical language. She has managed to create a story that both terrifies the reader and attracts him/her to find out what happens to the protagonist at the end.

Pretty Little Dead Girls is a beautifully written story about Bryony Adams who tries to survive and stay alive. Bryony is destined to be murdered, but she tries to live her own life while she awaits her dark destiny to be fulfilled. This novel tells of how Bryony lives her life and what happens to her.

Bryony is totally different kind of a protagonist than normal protagonists in dark fantasy and urban fantasy novels, because she's a woman who knows what's going to happen to her. She knows that someday she will die. Wherever she goes people die around her - it's like death is targeting around her, but doesn't find its mark. Reading about her life was interesting, because her life was haunted by death and dead bodies.

Bryony's relationships with different people are handled well, because she has her own way of dealing with relationships and other people. The lives of the different people spin around her in an interesting way, because those who are near her have a feeling about her forthcoming fate and it affects their relationships with her.

The author writes fluently about people involved in Bryony's life. Eddie (musician), Chad (market fish-thrower) and the killer are all part of Bryony's life. The author has a way of drawing the reader's attention to the them and their actions, which is nice, because they deepen the atmosphere of the story.

I enjoyed reading about how the author wrote about Bryony's childhood and how she survived the first years of her life, because Bryony's life was revealed to the reader in a fascinatingly weird and beautiful way. Bryony knew from a young age that she was going to die someday and it affected her life and life style. She changed and began to live her life in a different way.

Mercedes M. Yardley's prose is good and surprisingly descriptive. I have to mention that I loved the prose, because the author easily created a dark and disturbing yet beautiful and heart-breaking atmosphere with her words and descriptions. There's a charmingly lyrical quality about the prose that emphasizes the fairy-tale-like elements of the story.

The cover image by Galen Dara looks beautiful and fits the story perfectly, because it manages to catch the terrible beauty of the story.

This is all that I'll write about this fantastic novel, because it would be a crime to reveal more things about its contents. It's a novel that needs to be experienced personally, because it's something different.

Based on this novel and the previous novel (Nameless: The Darkness Comes) I can say that Mercedes M. Yardley is definitely an author to watch. She's a talented author who can write original and compelling stories.

I can honestly say that this novel is one of the best modern dark fantasy flavoured novels I've read to date, because it's an original and well written novel that differs from other novels.

Pretty Little Dead Girls beckons to be found by readers who enjoy reading dark stories. This novel is beautiful, compelling and disturbing - what more could you possibly hope for in a dark fantasy flavoured novel? It's nearly impossible to deny the allure of the dark story, because it's an excellent story that draws the reader in immediately from the first pages of chapter one.

My final words are: This novel is fantastic entertainment for all who enjoy reading dark and lyrical stories!

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