DC Farmer's Every Little Evil was published by Wyrmwood Books in May 2016.

Information about DC Farmer:

Once a successful doctor of medicine, DC Farmer now works two days a week for the NHS and, thanks to the wonders of Krudian physics, the other nine days a week for Hipposync Enterprises, as a scribe.

Hipposync was established in the early fourteenth century as a purveyor and publisher of rare books, the sort of stuff you are not able to get elsewhere and which contains information as varied as how to guard your castle against the Hordes of Maltasub using Harpie blood and tar, and how to change a beetle into a useful toothpick.

Of course, you will have gathered from all of this that Hipposync is, in fact, just a cover. What lurks beneath that thin veneer of respectability (yeah, right) is much, much more interesting. Hiding behind an office on the banks of the canal in Jericho, Oxford is the Department of Fimmigration (as in Fae immigration). Hey, there has to be one, otherwise just anyone could walk in, right?

DC’s role in documenting the work of the Fimmigration Service  has, over the years, led to the realization that the world needs to know. Moreover, if he doesn’t tell someone soon he is going to burst. So, within these pages you will find actual accounts of the splendid work of the Fimmigration Service, beginning with The 400 Lb Gorilla - a sample of which is also on his site, and which will soon be published in its totality by Spence City once appropriate clearance from the ‘authorities’ has been obtained.

Some people say that this is contemporary fantasy fiction. Believe me, it's real enough on planet hipposync.

DC Farmer is alive and well in darkest West Wales.

Click here to visit his official website.

Information about Every Little Evil:

When the Minister for Internal Affairs goes missing from a house under armed guard, the police are lost for an explanation. But the right honourable MP Sebastian O'Hoy is nowhere to be found. Worse, someone has daubed arcane symbols on his bedroom wall... in dripping blood. With no way in or out, no CCTV evidence of a break in and no body, alive nor dead, the police fear supernatural involvement. It's time to call in specialist help. For Captain Kylah Porter of the DOF this is a chance to earn her spurs. But she knows she's up against systemic bigotry and cynicism in the shape of her Met counterpart, Sewell.

Occult abduction? Or just another murky urban crime? MI5 want answers and soon.


DC Farmer's Every Little Evil is a wonderful prequel novella to The Hipposync Archives series of humorous urban fantasy novels. It is being offered free for readers, because it's an introduction to the author's series. It's a relatively quick read, which gives readers a sense of what the series is all about.

Because there are probably readers out there who are not familiar with The Hipposync Archives, here are a few words about Hipposync Archives:

On the banks of the canal in Jericho, Oxford, there's an ordinary-looking commercial property with a sign that says, Hipposync Enterprises, Dealers in Rare Books & Manuscripts. It is the front for the Department of Fimmigration (Fae Immigration). Its function is to monitor the comings and goings of Fae. The owner is Mr Ernest Porter who has help from his young relative, Kylah Porter, and Trained Special Elf Service operatives.

Here's a bit of information about the story:

The Prime Minister of Great Britain is contacted by MI5, because the Minister of Internal Affairs has disappeared. He seems to have disappeared into thin air, and arcane symbols were scrawled on his bedroom wall in what appears to be blood. They need the help of the Department of Fimmigration in solving the disappearance, because DOF has plenty of expertise on arcane matters. They contact DOF and soon DOF begins to investigate the strange disappearance...

This is the beginning of a highly entertaining story that reveals what kind of work DOF does and how they deal with problems. Their investigations are a joy to read due to the author's witty humour and wonderful imagination. The author handles various issues ranging from politics to relationships in a fascinating way.

I enjoyed reading about how Kylah investigated the disappearance of the Minister of Internal Affairs, because her investigations were interesting and revealed intriguing things. I liked the way the author wrote about her thoughts, deeds and deduction skills.

It was also enjoyable to read about what DC Farmer wrote about the minister's marital life, because the relationship between Sebastian and Sally O'Hoy was mercurial. His way of writing about the O'Hoy relationship was charmingly observant.

One of the best things about this story is that DC Farmer has an excellent sense of humour. There's something charmingly British about his humour that I find compelling (if you enjoy witty British humour, you'll most likely enjoy this story very much). As a tiny example of the author's sense of humour, I can mention that zombies are called 'vitally-challenged' in this novella.

The author has a keen eye for details and he knows how to keep up the reader's interest in the story. It's great that he keeps the story flowing all the time and doesn't get stuck at any places. He's also capable of maintaining a fine balance between serious issues and humorous elements.

DC Farmer's Every Little Evil is fluently written urban fantasy with an emphasis on entertainment and humorous happenings. It's just as good, humorous and entertaining as the novels (The 400lb Gorilla and Frivolous Pursuits), which reveal a lot more about various things related to non-human creatures and races etc.

I strongly urge urban fantasy readers to take a look at this free novella, because it's a wonderfully entertaining, humorous and well written piece of urban fantasy fiction. Please, invest a bit of time in reading this novella and treat yourself to an enjoyable story. If you like this novella, don't hesitate to read the novels, because they're addictively good and humorous urban fantasy.

Excellent entertainment!

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