A review of Joe R. Lansdale's Blood and Lemonade

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Joe R. Lansdale's Blood and Lemonade will be published by Tachyon Publications in March 2017.

Information about Joe R.Lansdale:

Joe R. Lansdale is the internationally-bestselling author of over forty novels, including twelve books featuring the popular Hap and Leonard. Many of his cult classics have been adapted for television and film, most famously Bubba Ho-Tep, starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis. Lansdale has written numerous screenplays and teleplays, including for the iconic Batman the Animated Series. He has won an Edgar Award for The Bottoms, ten Stoker Awards, and has been designated a World Horror Grandmaster. Lansdale, like many of his characters, lives in East Texas.

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Information about Blood and Lemonade:

Discover Joe R. Lansdale’s compelling coming-of-age manifesto as you tune in to “Hap and Leonard: Mucho Mojo,” an action-packed, six-episode murder mystery adventure starring Michael K. Williams (The Wire) and James Purefoy (The Following), only on SundanceTV.

As a liberal young man in East Texas, Hap Collins is discovering his passion for two-fisted justice in a redneck world. Leonard Pine - black, gay, and the ultimate outsider - is already fighting his own battles against racists and bullies. So when Hap sees Leonard demolishing an angry mob with his fists (and taunts), it’s immediately clear that these two young men have a lot in common.


Joe R. Lansdale's Blood and Lemonade is a masterpiece of addictive and stylistic storytelling. It's satisfyingly pulpy entertainment to those who enjoy reading clever and vivid stories with memorable characters.

I was delighted to read this mosaic novel, because I enjoy Joe R. Lansdale's Hap and Leonard stories. I find these stories amazing, because the author's writing style appeals to my twisted taste in pulp fiction. I don't normally read this kind of fiction very much, but Joe R. Lansdale's stories are among the few exceptions that fascinate me.

Blood and Lemonade oozes steadily pulsing raw power that is rare in this kind of fiction. As experienced readers are aware of, there are way too many pulp and crime novels, in which the authors try too hard to reach for something fascinating, unique and wild, but fail miserably due to lack of vision and poor writing skills. Fortunately, this novel is something totally different, because it's original and entertaining, and - what's most important - it has style and substance that is lacking from other novels.

If you're a newcomer to Joe R. Lansdale's fiction, this novel may not be the best place to start reading his Hap and Leonard stories, but I see no reason why newcomers wouldn't enjoy it. Because the stories are good and entertaining, they can be read and enjoyed without knowledge about the previously published stories.

This novel consists of the following stories:

- Parable of the Stick
- Tire Fire
- Not Our Kind
- Down by the Riverside
- Short Night
- The Boy Who Became Invisible
- Blood and Lemonade
- In the River of the Dead
- Stopping for Coffee
- Apollo Red
- Coach Whip
- The Bottom of the World
- Squirrel Hunt
- The Oak and the Pond

These above mentioned stories tell of the early life of Hap Collins, but Leonard Pine also makes an appearance in them (other characters also appear in them). They've been told in the genuine Joe R. Lansdale style that doesn't disappoint readers.

I enjoyed each of these stories and was hooked by the author's entertaining and poignant writing style. In my opinion, Joe R. Lansdale is an excellent writer, because his stories are engaging and vivid.

I'm sure that Blood and Lemonade will please readers who have read the author's Hap and Leonard stories, because it reveals more information about the protagonists and their early lives. These stories help to understand how Hap and Leonard have been affected by what has happened to them and how they've come to be the persons they are in the later stories.

I won't go into details about these stories, but I can reveal that they are satisfyingly diverse. They showcase the author's imagination and his ability to write different kinds of tales. I found it fascinating that there was even a bit of horror in this novel in the form of a ghost story, because normally Hap and Leonard stories don't contain such horror elements.

I enjoyed reading all of the stories, but the above mentioned ghost story was especially to my liking. I've always been fascinated by stories that have horror elements in them, so I found this story thrilling. It was written so well that I couldn't resist reading it a couple of times.

One of the main reasons why I love Blood and Lemonade is that it features excellent dialogue. I love reading the sharp, thoughtful and striking conversations between the protagonists, because the author excels at writing them in a lively manner. Another reason why I love this novel is the author's sense of humour, because it's delightfully amusing, insightful and twisted. It adds a nice flavour to the stories.

I give Blood and Lemonade full five stars on the scale from one to five stars, because it's pure pulp goodness from start to finish.

I highly recommend Blood and Lemonade to Joe R. Lansdale's fans, because it has everything you could ever hope to find in Hap and Leonard stories - style, substance, humour, insightful commentary, interesting happenings, fights etc. It's a delightfully entertaining reading experience for those who love crime and pulp stories, but it will also appeal to horror readers.

Excellent and wonderfully vivid entertainment!