M.E. Duffield

M.E. Duffield

Mary “M.E.” Duffield is the author of the dystopian novel Awake in Olaiya (oh-lie-uh). M.E. Duffield loved writing since the nineteen hundreds, when she would stare at the wall, thinking up stories and accidentally forgetting to do her math. Mary adores old picture books, adventurous tales, and the smell of paper. A Colorado native, M.E. Duffield enjoys the occasional mountain-escapade with her husband and four kids. Mary adores sunshine, coffee, and being barefoot. She dreams of the day when she will be able to buy a door knocker that is, in fact, in the shape of the head of Peregrin Took.

Updated August 1, 2023

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The Olaiya Series (1 books)

Speculative Fiction Books

(The Olaiya Series #2 / 2)
2024 | science fiction, mystery | Release date 2024
(The Olaiya Series #1 / 2)
2023 | science fiction, mystery