Aisling Fowler

Aisling Fowler

Aisling Fowler wishes that she had grown up in a magical, mountainous kingdom, but was actually raised just outside London on a diet of books and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fireborn, her debut middle grade series, is a bestseller and has been translated into over 20 languages.

Now based in LA, when she is not reading or writing, Aisling loves cooking, pottery and plotting adventures (for herself as well as her fictional characters).

Updated August 18, 2023

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Books by Aisling Fowler
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Series by Aisling Fowler

Fireborn (3 books)

Speculative Fiction Books

(Fireborn #3 / 3)
2024 | fantasy, adventure, middle grade
(Fireborn #2 / 3)
2023 | fantasy, adventure, middle grade
(Fireborn #1 / 3)
2021 | fantasy, adventure, middle grade