Emily Shore

Emily Shore

Emily used to be the good little church-going girl who snuck peeks of smutty romance at the bookstore. Now, she proudly writes smut and has left her religious cult past behind her.

In 2020, Emily found her voice while writing dark fantasy romance. In 2021, she rebranded on Kindle Vella and has been a Vella bestseller for two years. Her writing always features enemies to lovers with heroines who don't need a sword to be strong, "touch her and die" monsters and villains, and trauma healing. 

Emily's bestselling books on Kindle Vella include: The Sacrifice, Bride of Lucifer, Bride of the Corpse King, Courting Death and Destruction, and Grymm Beauty. Connect with her on social media to learn how you can become a super fan and get super fan treats!

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Updated November 8, 2023

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Books by Emily Shore
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Series by Emily Shore

The Death and Destruction (2 books)

Speculative Fiction Books

(The Death and Destruction #3 / 3)
2024 | fantasy, romance | Release date 2024
(The Death and Destruction #2 / 3)
2023 | fantasy, dark fantasy, romance
(The Death and Destruction #1 / 3)
2023 | fantasy, romance