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Tow Ubukata
Ubukata, Tow

Tow Ubukata (born 1977) is a Japanese science fiction light novel, manga and anime creator.

Tor Udall
Udall, Tor

After studying theater and film at Bristol University, Tor Udall co-founded a dance-theatre company and spent most of her twenties directing, writing, and performing. A theater piece she directed won the opportunity to be performed on the Olivier stage at the National Theatre, and she also choreographed an opera for the Royal College of Music. She lives in London with her husband and two young children. A Thousand Paper Birds is her first novel.

George Udenkwo
Udenkwo, George

George Chyke Udenkwo was born in 1967 in the troubled town of Newry, Northern Ireland. Half Nigerian, half Irish, he was raised in 70's England and to his everlasting chagrin missed out on the Punk era by a hairs breadth. "We left for Nigeria in '76, anarchy was just over the British horizon and art was about to change forever." But Nigeria was to reshape George's views in other ways. "You'd wake up one morning and the entire government had changed overnight, you knew the government had changed because all the TV stations were broadcasting the national anthem on a tape-loop. You very quickly had to forget the last Government ever existed."

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Sayuri Ueda
Ueda, Sayuri

Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Sayuri Ueda is one of the more innovative science fiction authors in Japan. She won the 2003 Komatsu Sakyo Award with her debut novel, Mars Dark Ballade. The Cage of Zeus, her second novel, was originally published in 2004. Her recent short fiction collection, Uobune, Kemonobune (Fish Boat, Animal Boat), was highly acclaimed in the SF community and was nominated for the 2009 Japan SF Award. Also nominated for the Seiun Award in the short story category was “Kotori no haka” (The Grave of the Bird) from the collection. Her latest novel, Karyu no miya (The Ocean Chronicles), won the first prize of Best SF 2010 in SF Magazine and was one of the most noteworthy books of the year in any genre.

Nahoko Uehashi
Uehashi, Nahoko

Nahoko Uehashi is the author of ten novels in the Guardian series, which together have sold more than half a million copies. A professional anthropologist, she lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Xina Marie Uhl
Uhl, Xina Marie

Author Xina Marie Uhl lives in sunny Southern California with her family and a bunch of dogs. In addition to writing romance, fantasy, historical fiction, westerns, and humor, she writes educational materials, her favorite being history.

When she isn't reading and writing, she enjoys hiking, photography, and planning new travel adventures.

Steve Umstead
Umstead, Steve

Steve Umstead has been the owner of a Caribbean & Mexico travel company for the past ten years, but never forgot his lifelong dream of becoming an author. After a successful stab at National Novel Writing Month, he decided to pursue his dream more vigorously... but hasn't given up the traveling.

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Jan Underwood
Underwood, Jan

Jan Underwood was born in Pennsylvania, has lived in Canada, Mexico and France and now lives with her daughter in Portland, Oregon. Day Shift Werewolf is her first novel.

Michael R. Underwood
Underwood, Michael R.

Michael R. Underwood is the author of Geekomancy, Celebromancy, Attack the Geek, and the forthcoming Younger Gods and Shield and Crocus. By day, he’s the North American Sales & Marketing Manager for Angry Robot Books. Mike grew up devouring stories in all forms, from comics to video games, tabletop RPGs, movies, and books. He has a BA in Creative Mythology and East Asian Studies, and an MA in Folklore Studies. Mike has been a bookseller, a barista, a game store cashwrap monkey, and an independent publishers’ representative.

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T. A. Uner
Uner, T. A.

T. A. Uner has been fascinated with the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre since 1978, when as a youngster, he first watched Superman on the big screen.

He wrote his first story in 5th Grade, and bound it with construction paper. Little did he know that he wouldn't write another word for 18 years.

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Richard Ungar
Ungar, Richard

Richard Ungar is the middle-aged, middle child of middle class parents who writes middle grade fiction, when he's not in the middle of doing something else that is...

Kimberly Unger
Unger, Kimberly

Kimberly Unger made her first videogame game back when the 80-column card was the new hot thing and followed that up with degrees in English/Writing from UC Davis and Illustration from the Art Center College of Design. Nowadays she produces narrative-games for VR, lectures on the intersection of art and code for UCSC’s masters program and writes science fiction about how all these app-driven superpowers are going to change the human race.

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Simon Kurt Unsworth
Unsworth, Simon Kurt

Simon Kurt Unsworth was born in Manchester in 1972 and is beginning to despair of ever finding proof that the world was awash with mysterious signs and portents that night. He lives in an old farmhouse miles from anywhere in the Lake District with his fiancée Rosie and assorted children and dogs, where his neighbours are mostly sheep and his office is an old cheese store in which he writes horror fiction (for which pursuit he was nominated for a 2008 World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story). Strange Gateways is his third collection of short stories, following 2011’s critically acclaimed Quiet Houses (from Dark Continents Publishing) and 2010’s equally well received Lost Places (from Ash Tree Press). His stories have been published in a number of anthologies and he has a further collection due, the as-yet-unnamed collection that will launch the Spectral Press Spectral Signature Editions imprint. His novel The Devil’s Detective is due out from Doubleday in the US and Del Ray in the UK in early 2015.

John Updike
Updike, John

John Hoyer Updike (1932–2009) was an American novelist, poet, short story writer, art critic, and literary critic.

Updike's most famous work is his Rabbit series (the novels Rabbit, Run; Rabbit Redux; Rabbit Is Rich; Rabbit at Rest; and the novella "Rabbit Remembered") which chronicled the life of Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom over the course of several decades, from young adulthood to his death. Both Rabbit Is Rich (1981) and Rabbit at Rest (1990) received the Pulitzer Prize. He is one of only three authors (the others being Booth Tarkington and William Faulkner) to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction more than once. Updike published more than twenty novels and more than a dozen short story collections, as well as poetry, art criticism, literary criticism and children's books. Hundreds of his stories, reviews, and poems appeared in The New Yorker, starting in 1954. He also wrote regularly for The New York Review of Books.

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Emma Maree Urquhart
Urquhart, Emma Maree

Emma Maree Urquhart's debut children’s fantasy novel Dragon Tamers was self-published in the UK when Emma was 13, with sales of over 35,000 copies, and has been traditionally published in Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Greek, and Portuguese. Emma is now in her late 20s and is a software tester, spending her days finding creative ways to break websites and apps and her nights finding creative ways to break fictional characters. She lives in the north of Scotland and on the weekends can be found learning roller derby, binge drinking tea and taking long brainstorming walks in the woods.

Steven Utley
Utley, Steven

Steven Utley (1948-2013) was an American writer. He wrote poems, humorous essays and other non-fiction, and worked on comic books and cartoons, but was best known for his science fiction stories.

Moses Ose Utomi
Utomi, Moses Ose

Moses Ose Utomi is a Nigerian-American fantasy writer and nomad currently based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. He has an MFA in fiction from Sarah Lawrence College and short fiction publications in Fireside Fiction, Fantasy Magazine, and more. He is the author of the novella The Lies of the Ajungo and the YA fantasy novel, Daughters of Oduma. When he’s not writing, he’s traveling, training martial arts, or doing karaoke—with or without a backing track.