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We have a new book list of popular non-rates books . You can find this on Library's home page next to the "Library Updates" link.

And now many people can wonder what kind of listing this is then ... and why? :)

Well... this list shows published books on the site that are browsed a lot, but have not yet received any book ratings.

Why then list such books separately? The reason is that if the book does not have any rates, the technology of the site can not "recommend" these books for users, because the site does not recognize if the book is good enough to recommend it to other users. For example, in the "Top New Books" section of the sidebar, or in the "Other books you might like" section, these recommended books must have at least one rating in our book database.

The more books have ratings, the better way we're able to recommend these books for other users. The most important thing thou is to get the book even one rating, because otherwise the book will be lost in thousands of other books in the book database.

The purpose of this list is give visibility for popular books which is getting browsed a lot but which still haven't got any ratings yet. Hopefully this list helps you to find interesting books to read and also we hope that you will give the first rating when you have read the book! :)

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