New feature: Library discussions (for books, series and authors)

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20 Dec 2018 14:06 #1 :: Darkki
New feature: Library discussions (for books, series and authors)
We have a nice new feature for starting discussions directly from our library database. You are now able to start conversation about specific topic directly on book, series and author page :)

This is a very new feature on our site that aims to make it easier to discuss literature. Through the book database, discussions reach a large number of readers interested in speculative fiction. Conversations can also be based on their own interests on very detailed subjects, for example, to reflect on a certain line of thought or the development of a favorite character. Discussions also provide writers and publishers with an easy way to participate in discussions on their books, listen to readers' comments, or even raise the conversation.

All new discussions can be found at Library / Discussions, or directly here:
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