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03 Sep 2021 09:39 #1 :: Darkki
Risingshadow Newsletter
The Risingshadow newsletter is now published once a month and the newsletter can be read directly at:
www.risingshadow.fi/newsletter (menu: Risingshadow / Newsletter)

Our newsletter always covers the latest news and articles from the previous month, as well as the most popular published books and latest forum discussions. In addition, the newsletter always contains information about interesting books coming up during that month.

The first newsletter also went to email for all users, but we now made a change that we will not send these newsletters automatically for our old users emails (new users will get our newsletter automatically). If you want to receive the newsletter in your own e-mail, you can activate the newsletter sending from your bookshelf settings (menu: My Own / My Bookshelf / Settings).

Apologies to those who received our first newsletter unintentionally.
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