A review of Simon Marshall-Jones' Biblia Longcrofta

09 Oct 2015 06:15 #1 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
A review of Simon Marshall-Jones' Biblia Longcrofta

Simon Marshall-Jones' Biblia Longcrofta was published by Tickety Boo Press Ltd in August 2015.

Information about Simon Marshall-Jones:

Simon Marshall-Jones (aka The Tattooed Head) is editor/publisher at award-nominated Spectral Press, Theatrum Mundi, and rEvolution SF, a writer, reviewer, columnist, and blogger: a book lover, of course, but also likes French cheeses  and wines rather too much, as well as rum, a collector of vintage commercial vehicle magazines, and is heavily covered in tattoos. He lives with a wife, six cats, six guinea-pigs, five chickens, and two rabbits (but no partridge in a pear tree) somewhere in the Midlands, UK.


Information about Biblia Longcrofta:

Biblia Longcrofta is a series of connected short fiction stories, semi-autobiographical in nature, set in the imaginary town of Longcroft. Although it has no precise geographical location in the 'real' world, nevertheless it is located somewhere on the northern coastline of Britain. It exists contemporaneously and separately in a different time stream from the rest of the world, the reasons for the split lost in the mists of time.

It is no ordinary town, however – here miracles happen on an everyday basis, and the numinous and marvellous sit side-by-side with the banal and mundane. Into this wonderland comes a tattooed stranger called Simeon, a man bored of his old life, but still unsure of what his place in the world is, who he is, and what purpose he has. Through a series of connected incidents, he comes to understand the world around him, and the person he is. Along the way he meets wonders and living myths and, through interacting with them, he finds his true destiny – however, it's not what he was expecting nor what he would have chosen for himself.


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