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A review of David Rix's A Suite in Four Windows

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: A review of David Rix's A Suite in Four Windows
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David Rix's novella, A Suite in Four Windows, will be published by Snuggly Books in February 2016.

Information about David Rix:

David Rix is an author, composer, editor, artist and publisher active in the area of slipstream, speculative fiction and horror. His published books are ‘What the Giants were Saying’, the chapbook ‘Brown is the New Black’ and the novella/story collection ‘Feather’, which was shortlisted for the Edge Hill prize. In addition, his works have appeared in various places, including the ‘Strange Tales’ series of anthologies from Tartarus Press, ‘Monster Book For Girls’ from Exaggerated Press, ‘Creeping Crawlers’ from Shadow Publishing, and ‘Marked to Die’ from Snuggly Books. He is the editor for Eibonvale Press.

Click here to visit his official website.

Information about A Suite in Four Windows:

Four Windows. Four minds riding through derangement and beyond as clouds gather over the city of London. Four music students working hard to analyze a unique and extraordinary musical composition. From ‘The Night of the Electric Insects’ through the ‘Songs of Bones and Flutes’ to ‘God Music’ and the return trip, George Crumb’s ‘Black Angels’ - noble; wicked; madness; ethereality. Listen and the sky turns yellow and lightning flickers like burning alcohol in the distance.



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