A review of Karen Azinger's Power Writing: Make Your Genre Fiction Soar

30 Dec 2016 11:29 #1 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
A review of Karen Azinger's Power Writing: Make Your Genre Fiction Soar

Karen Azinger's Power Writing: Make Your Genre Fiction Soar was published by Kiralynn Epics in November 2016.

Information about Karen Azinger:

Karen L. Azinger has always loved fantasy fiction, and always hoped that someday she could give back to the genre a little of the joy that reading has always given her. Twelve years ago on a hike in the Columbia River Gorge she realized she had enough original ideas to finally write an epic fantasy. She started writing and never stopped. The Steel Queen, her first book, born from that hike in the gorge, became the start of The Silk & Steel Saga (SASS). Silk & Steel was originally intended to be a trilogy but the story was so epic, she ended up writing a sweeping seven book saga. The saga is now finished! The Steel Queen, The Flame Priest, The Skeleton King, The Poison Priestess, The Knight Marshal, The Prince Deceiver, and The Battle Immortal are all published as e-books and print books and getting great reviews.

Reviewers compare her books to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time and to George Martin's Game of Thrones. Along the way, she also published a collection of short stories, The Assassin's Tear, including two stories set in the Silk & Steel world. Before writing, Karen spent over twenty years as an international business strategist, eventually becoming a vice-president for one of the world's largest natural resource companies. She worked on developing the first gem-quality diamond mine in Canada's arctic, on coal seam gas power projects in Australia, and on petroleum projects around the world. Having lived in Australia for eight years she considers the Land Down Under to be her second home. She also lived in Canada and spent a lot of time in the Canadian arctic. These days she lives with her husband in Portland Oregon, in a house perched on the edge of the forest.

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Information about Power Writing: Make Your Genre Fiction Soar:

Learn how to color outside the lines and write bold genre fiction that will enthrall your readers and make your stories soar.

Novice writers learn about 'tells' that warn editors and agents of amateur writing. Veteran writers discover the flavors of world building, description from the eye of the beholder, and the power of theme.

Power Writing provides insights into many unique topics rarely discussed by other writing books. You'll find tips on writing magic, fortune telling, making maps and writing great battle scenes. Learn how to spice it up with romantic subplots and how to write with iconic images and tropes.

Examples are drawn from genre masterworks like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Martin's Game of Thrones, Herbert's Dune, Rowling's Harry Potter, and the author's own Silk & Steel Saga, as well as examples from silver screen blockbusters like Star Wars, Star Trek, Braveheart and Gladiator.

Fans of The Silk & Steel Saga will peek behind the curtain, gaining insights into the author's imaginings. Revisit the wonders of Erdhe with the author as your tour guide.