A review of Joe R. Lansdale's Blood and Lemonade

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Joe R. Lansdale's Blood and Lemonade is a masterpiece of...

Joe R. Lansdale's Blood and Lemonade will be published by Tachyon Publications in March 2017.

Information about Joe R.Lansdale:

Joe R. Lansdale is the internationally-bestselling author of over forty novels, including twelve books featuring the popular Hap and Leonard. Many of his cult classics have been adapted for television and film, most famously Bubba Ho-Tep, starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis. Lansdale has written numerous screenplays and teleplays, including for the iconic Batman the Animated Series. He has won an Edgar Award for The Bottoms, ten Stoker Awards, and has been designated a World Horror Grandmaster. Lansdale, like many of his characters, lives in East Texas.

Click here to visit his official website.

Information about Blood and Lemonade:

Discover Joe R. Lansdale’s compelling coming-of-age manifesto as you tune in to “Hap and Leonard: Mucho Mojo,” an action-packed, six-episode murder mystery adventure starring Michael K. Williams (The Wire) and James Purefoy (The Following), only on SundanceTV.

As a liberal young man in East Texas, Hap Collins is discovering his passion for two-fisted justice in a redneck world. Leonard Pine - black, gay, and the ultimate outsider - is already fighting his own battles against racists and bullies. So when Hap sees Leonard demolishing an angry mob with his fists (and taunts), it’s immediately clear that these two young men have a lot in common.



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