A review of Guy Adams' The Change (vol. 1-3)

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Guy Adams' The Change is an imaginative and intriguing take...

Guy Adams' The Change (vol. 1-3) was published by Solaris Books (Rebellion Publishing) in July 2017.

Information about Guy Adams:

Guy Adams is the author of The World House novels, the Deadbeat series and the weird westerns The Good, the Bad and the Infernal and Once Upon a Time in Hell. He has also written many other books.

To find out more information about him, please click here to visit his official website.

Information about The Change:

The Change 1: London - Orbital

One minute everything was fine and the next... they arrived. Those that saw them died instantly. The unlucky ones survived. Now unimaginable things straight out of nightmares roam the streets of our towns and cities. Nothing is impossible. Nowhere is safe. And no one can escape The Change...

Howard doesn't know where he is or how he got there. He's not even sure his name is Howard. But he knows he is in trouble. Alone on a stretch of motorway jammed with broken down cars full of corpses and strange creatures, Howard falls in with a motorbike gang living in a nearby service station. But even The Kingdom of the Welcome Break can't keep him safe. Something is moving between the rows of cars, something that used to be human but now clanks with metal, hisses with hydraulics, and is always on the lookout for new parts...

The Change 2: New York - The Queen of Coney Island

Grace just wants to find her brother, but she can't go anywhere without the Queen of Coney Island's permission to travel.

Now the Queen demands payment and Grace and her new friend, a man in a false beard who believes he is God, must journey into the nightmare world of Dreamland, a tourist park whose attractions are as lethal as they are bizarre.

The Change 3: Paris - A City of Fools

Loïc's friend Adrien is gone, kidnapped by the Impressionists, bizarre men made of paint who roam the Parisian catacombs.

Now, if Loïc wants to see Adrien again, he must travel to the Louvre and bring him back from the lair of the strange - and deadly - Impressionists.

But the paint-men are not the only threat lurking in Paris, and Loïc must face down the needle-fingered Tricoteuse, the blade-mouthed Madame Loisette, and the dark secrets that haunt the footlights of the Grand Guignol...



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