GUEST POST: 5 Tips to Craft Your Own Race by Korbin Voss

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Risingshadow has the honour of publishing a guest post by the debut fantasy author Korbin Voss.

Korbin Voss is the author of Revenant, which is the first book in The Terror of Trenon Trilogy.

Korbin Voss has spent his whole life dedicating himself to the art and craft of writing. With years of freelancing under his belt, he's proud to say that he made the switch to full time ghostwriter for 3 years before getting tired of hearing just the voices in his head. Now, he works full time at the feet of one of the premier marketing geniuses in the world while crafting his own stories and taking them to the world. You can follow his insights and information at his Facebook page:

Information about Revenant:

The last good man in Trennon has been murdered in cold blood, his body left on horrific display and plummeting the city into terror as the killer remains at large. With the City Watch too corrupt to trust, Henry and Squire are hired by the City Council to hunt down the killer as quickly as possible and bring him to justice.

The only problem: the killer is already dead.

With the dead rising to take revenge upon the city, Henry begins the game of cat and mouse through the streets of Trennon, hunting a killer who has a vendetta against Henry and will not stop until Henry’s world is in ruins, even if that means the entire city must bleed. The hunt is on and Henry must face the demons of his past or risk those demons destroying everything.

Revenant is the first book in the Terror of Trennon Trilogy.

GUEST POST: 5 Tips to Craft Your Own Race by Korbin Voss


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