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An interview with Jamex Maxwell

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: An interview with Jamex Maxwell
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Risingshadow has had the honour of interviewing the fantasy author James Maxwell.

This interview is part of the Iron Will Blog Tour.

About the author:

James Maxwell is the bestselling author of The Evermen Sagaand The Shifting Tidesseries, and has previously ranked in the top 5 bestselling authors on Amazon worldwide. The final book in The Shifting Tides series, Iron Will, is out now in paperback with 47North, Amazon Publishing. Find out more about James and his books here.

About Iron Will:

The epic conclusion to James Maxwell’s gripping fantasy series.

The world is facing a war to end all wars, a confrontation that will destroy everything Dion and Chloe hold dear. With Palemon’s dragon army growing in number, time is running out...

Dion is doing everything in his power to prepare his kingdom, but he knows it will not be enough. Although he needs Chloe’s help, recent tragedy makes him terrified for her safety. Magic is dangerous. Only Palemon is too arrogant to see it.

As chaos engulfs the land and Palemon risks civilization itself, Dion and Chloe must unite people of all nations to have any chance of survival.



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