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A review of Jonathan Maas' -100

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: A review of Jonathan Maas' -100
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Jonathan Maas' -100 was published in February 2018.

Information about Jonathan Maas:

Jon Maas has born in New Haven, Connecticut and grew up in San Antonio, Texas. After graduating from Stanford University with degrees in Biology and History, he's earned a living as a Musician, Peace Corps Volunteer, Standup Comedian, TV Producer and Web Designer.

He is the author of such novels as City of gods: Hellenica, Spanners - The Fountain of Youth, Flare, The Dog That Laid Eggs and Children of Another Bible: We Were Not the Only Ones.

Information about -100:


When Kela invents a device that can send herself back in time, she decides the first person she’ll tell will be her boyfriend, Adam.

Before she can tell him though, he breaks up with her.

Kela goes home and makes a decision: she will use the device to go back, one day at a time, and end things with Adam first - on each and every day of their one hundred day relationship. After these one hundred days, she will have effectively erased their relationship from this existence, and any other.

Never Go Back in Time

But both Kela and Adam will soon understand that the universe disallows time travel for a reason. There are some things that should not be seen, and some horrors that the human mind shouldn’t even attempt to understand.

If they want to survive these one hundred days, they must find a way to move forward together, even if it means unleashing the inconceivable terrors lurking just beyond our conception.



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