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GUEST POST: The Secret Origin of "Daughter of Sorrow" by Maurice Broaddus

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: GUEST POST: The Secret Origin of "Daughter of Sorrow" by Maurice Broad
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Risingshadow has the honour of publishing a guest post by Maurice Broaddus.

About Maurice Broaddus:

Maurice Broaddus is an exotic dancer, trained in several forms of martial arts – often referred to as “the ghetto ninja” – and was voted the Indianapolis Dalai Lama. He’s an award winning haberdasher and coined the word “acerbic”. He graduated college at age 14 and high school at age 16. Not only is he credited with inventing the question mark, he unsuccessfully tried to launch a new number between seven and eight.

When not editing or writing, he is a champion curler and often impersonates Jack Bauer, but only in a French accent. He raises free range jackalopes with his wife and two sons... when they are not solving murder mysteries.

He really likes to make up stories. A lot. Especially about himself.

He has a new story in the Knaves: A Blackguards Anthology.

Click here to visit his official website.

About Knaves: A Blackguards Anthology:

Outland Entertainment is proud to bring you Knaves: A Blackguards Anthology. Featuring fourteen brand new tales of scheming anti-heroes and dark protagonists from the wrong side of the palace gates, Knaves brings together some of the finest fantasy authors in the industry in a book that will make readers wonder, “What is the ‘right side,’ anyway?” Authors include Mercedes Lackey, Anna Smith Spark, Kenny Soward, Cullen Bunn, Maurice Broaddus, Anton Strout, Walidah Imarisha, Cat Rambo, Lian Hearn, and more! Edited by Melanie R. Meadors and Alana Joli Abbott

GUEST POST: The Secret Origin of “Daughter of Sorrow” by Maurice Broaddus


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