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GUEST POST: "They shot my idiot" - Revealing Humanity in Dark Characters by Clay Sanger

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: GUEST POST: "They shot my idiot" - Revealing Humanity in Dark Characte
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Risingshadow has the honour of publishing a guest post by Clay Sanger.

Information about Clay Sanger:

Clay Sanger is a professional technogeek by day and a writer fiction the rest of the time. A life-long lover of all things wild, Clay spent much of his early adulthood wandering the four corners of the country in search of the weird and wonderful, the dark and the light. As chance would have it he found them. After meandering far and wide he returned to his native Ozarks where he lives with his dazzling wife, their sons, and a menagerie of mythical creatures both real and imagined.

He is the author Endsville, which is the first novel in the Outlaw Arcana series.

Click here to visit his official website.

Information about Endsville:

Welcome to Los Angeles - where the secret worlds of the criminal and supernatural collide. Crime and black magic pay. In the City of Angels, no one does it better than Gabriel St. John and the House of the Crow...

ENDSVILLE introduces readers to the House of the Crow. Led by their enigmatic street captain Gabriel, the Crows are a secret coven of high-rolling occult gangsters operating out of Los Angeles. A gangland king by the name of Dante Washington enlists their aid to recover 34 million dollars in cash - stolen from him by what appears to be a hostile sorcerer.

The Crows battle through a vicious cycle of betrayal, violence, and black magic while on the hunt for Mr. Washington’s missing money. In the end, allies prove to be enemies, and there are much greater things at stake than covering up a multi-million dollar gangland heist.

GUEST POST: "They shot my idiot" - Revealing Humanity in Dark Characters by Clay Sanger


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