GUEST POST: "A Writer's Eye" by Ken Hughes

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Risingshadow has the honour of publishing a guest post by Ken Hughes.

About Ken Hughes:

Ken Hughes dreams of dark alleys and the twenty-seven ways people with different psychic gifts might maneuver around each corner. He grew up on comics and adventures before discovering Steven King and Joss Whedon, and he's written for Mars mission proposals and medical devices, making him an honorary rocket scientist and brain surgeon. Ken is a Global Ebook Award-nominated urban fantasy novelist, who writes under the motto “Whispered spells for breathless suspense.” Don't get him started on puns.

Ken Hughes is the author of Shadowed, and the Spellkeeper Flight series that begins with The High Road.

Click here to visit his official website:

About The High Road:

When you’re hanging in the sky, one wrong step can get you killed - if you see what's coming at all.

Yesterday Mark was a struggling bicycle courier, his only worry that Angie’s father had been keeping some kind of secret over the years he’s known them. He never dreamed it was the magic to control gravity.

Now Mark and Angie scramble through the city, and he watches her mastering the power and proving she can keep one step ahead of their enemies. With street gangs out for revenge and hidden masterminds that will kill to add this magic to their own, he thinks the worst weakness they can have will be if he can’t learn to keep up with her.

He’s wrong.

The High Road is the first book of the Spellkeeper Flight urban fantasy series. The second book, Freefall, launches in February.

GUEST POST: “A Writer’s Eye” by Ken Hughes


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Great read. I agree inspiration comes from all around you, oftentimes when you least expect. I'm always looking around for opportunities to be inspired, waiting for a chance encounter or odd event to turn into a story. But the idea of actively seeking out inspiration is something I haven't thought to do. I will definitely start giving this a try and am looking forward to the wealth of new ideas.

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