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Guest post by Isobel Starling: How Robin Hobb's books changed my life

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: Guest post by Isobel Starling: How Robin Hobb's books changed my life
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Risingshadow has the honour of featuring a guest post by Isobel Starling.

About the author:

Isobel Starling spent most of her twenty-year professional career making art in Ireland. She relocated to the UK and, faced with the dreaded artist’s creative block, Isobel started to write fantasy and found she loved writing more than making art. Isobel writes fantasy, thrillers, and comedy and to date has written twenty books, has 12 audiobooks and translations in French, German, and Italian.

Isobel is currently working The Dark Harvest, book #2 in her "Quiet Work" fantasy series.

About Apple Boy:


A lost lordling, a farm boy, and a tale of mystery, magic, and murder!

After a traumatic event, Winter Aeling finds himself destitute and penniless in the backwater town of Mallowick. He needs to travel to the city of Serein and impart grave news that will bring war to the Empire, but without a horse, money, and with not a soul willing to help him, he has no choice but to line up with the common folk seeking paid work on the harvest.

As wagons roll into the market square and farmers choose day laborers, Winter is singled out for abuse by a brute of a farmer. The only man who stands up for him is the farmer's beguiling son, Adam, and on locking eyes with the swarthy young man Winter feels the immediate spark of attraction.

Winter soon realizes there is a reason he has been drawn to Blackdown Farm. The farmer possesses a precious item that was stolen long ago from Winter’s family, and he determines to retrieve it. He also cannot take his eyes off Adam, and as the young man opens up Winter can’t help wondering if Adam is just kind or his kind!

Wordcount: 103,600 words, 556 pages

“Apple Boy” (The Quiet Work #1) is available as an ebook, paperback and audiobook, performed by award-winning narrator Gary Furlong.

Cover art by Lennel.


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Guest post by Isobel Starling: How Robin Hobb's books changed my life


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