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Review: Helena and Missoula by Grace Tydings

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: Review: Helena and Missoula by Grace Tydings
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Grace Tydings' Helena was published in April 2019 and Missoula was published in July 2019. Both of them are independently published urban fantasy novels.

Information about Grace Tydings:

Grace Tydings lives in Maryland with her husband and pets. She loves the Urban Fantasy genre and is currently working on the next installment of the Black Paw Series (Release date 2020) and a new series which will be released by the end of the year.

Click here to visit her official website.

Information about Helena:

Sienna Harris is living on the beaches of North Carolina, avoiding the decision of what to do with her life. Trying to live in the human world when you aren’t quite human has its downside, and the urge to be near her own kind grows stronger by the day. Ten years after her mother’s mysterious death, Sienna returns to her hometown of Black Paw, Montana: a town full of secrets.

Black Paw Sheriff, Jack Ross, is monitoring a string of murdered human women in nearby Helena, Montana, becoming distracted when a distant memory returns to town. Nothing like the young girl he remembers standing over her mother’s grave, Sienna Harris is now a breathtaking woman who has consumed his thoughts. As murder lands on Black Paw’s doorstep, can Sienna and Jack find the missing link between past and present before it’s too late?

Information about Missoula:

Julia Cox thought she was in love with her boyfriend, Ron Silas, but discovers she is under a powerful spell. Beginning to build a resistance to the spell, Julia plots her escape from her lover turned captor. Having no family to turn to, she hopes to seek shelter in the place that can offer her the most safety: Black Paw, Montana.

Jesse Ross defended his country overseas with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, he serves his hometown of Black Paw as the Deputy Sheriff. When a Wolfen woman leaves Black Paw to live with her Werewolf boyfriend in Missoula, the controversy spreads through the town like wildfire and Jesse needs Julia’s help to solve the mystery. Along the way, Julia struggles with letting go of her past captivity and embracing her new found freedom.

Can Jesse help Julia break her captor’s binding spell for good?



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