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Guest post by Jason P. Hein

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: Guest post by Jason P. Hein
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Risingshadow has the honour of featuring a guest post by Jason P. Hein.

About the Author:

Jason P. Hein is a writer of Medieval Fantasy and Science-Fantasy, best known for his four book saga The Varsian Kingdom Series. He also writes poetry and short stories, mostly connected to The Varsian Kingdom. Jason began writing at 13 years of age and published his first book, Inspired Poetry, when he was 17. He has also been featured in the Mirrored Voices Poetry Anthologies, and his first two books in The Varsian Kingdom have hit #1 best sellers in the top 100 Free Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks.

Jason currently lives outside a rural community in Oklahoma on his family farm. While the solitude and nature nurture his creativity, he is continually adding to the Varsian Kingdom. His latest project, Music From Varsia, includes 8 musical tracks. Each track representing a unique culture from the Varsian Kingdom itself.

You can visit his official website at



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