An interview with Jon Sprunk

16 Dec 2019 19:12 #1 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
An interview with Jon Sprunk

Risingshadow has had an opportunity to interview the fantasy author Jon Sprunk.

About the author:

Jon Sprunk is the author of Sun and Serpent (Dec. 17, PYR), book four of The Book of the Black Earth fantasy series. Although he has always been an avid reader of speculative fiction, it was during his college years that he developed a broader passion for literature and began his foray into fiction writing.

Sprunk also wrote the Shadow Saga (Shadow’s, Son, Shadow’s Lure, and Shadow’s Master). Shadow’s Son was a finalist for the Compton Crook Award and also a nominee for the David Gemmell Award in two categories.

Jon lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife and son. When not writing, he enjoys travel, collecting medieval and ancient weaponry, and pro football.

Connect with the author online:


Facebook: /JonSprunkAuthor

Twitter: @JonSprunk

Goodreads: /Jon_Sprunk

Patreon: /jonsprunk

About Sun and Serpent:

The war continues, and undead ravage the land. Jirom, Horace, and Emanon begin to hope they might free the empire. But can they manage to do so before the Dark King conquers the world?

Horace has come a long way from his days of slavery. Now he, Jirom, and their companions think they just might glimpse victory ahead, and the triumphant end to what began as a mere slave rebellion. But first Horace must recover from the loss of his beloved Alyra. And Jirom finds himself asking if even victory will be worth the cost - how can he be sure he and the other winners of this war will rule more justly than the Akeshians did?

Meanwhile, a mysterious mass murder-suicide in a temple in Thuum hints that they have more foes than they knew of. And as they advance upon the capital, they find strange obstacles barring their way. Obstacles that suggest the barriers between worlds are growing dangerously thin...