An interview with David R. Lord

27 Feb 2020 12:01 #1 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
An interview with David R. Lord

Risingshadow has had an opportunity to interview David R. Lord.

About the author:

David lives in South Gloucestershire with his partner. He enjoys acting and cosplaying, as well as writing. The Figment Wars: Through the Portals is his first book and The Figment Wars: Search for the Caretaker is his second book.

About The Figment Wars: Through the Portals:

There are two worlds, or realms if you will. There is the Realm of Reality, or the Human World, and there is the Realm of Imagination, populated by figments of our imagination. Bizarre animals, Imaginary Friends, Heroes and most unfortunately, the vile and loathsome Monsters we conjure up in our minds when we're most frightened.

Thomas Llewellyn doesn't know anything about this other world; neither does his brat of a little brother, Isaac nor their young cousin, Emily. They soon come to learn about the existence of this strange world when they are suddenly and violently pulled from their own by a turbulent vortex. Faced with having to prove just what they are, they must try to find a way home while all the while, someone plots to keep the human children where they are so that they can be used for a terrible purpose.

About The Figment Wars: The Search for the Caretaker:

Thomas and Isaac Llewellyn are having a terrible first day back at school and they haven’t even had their first lesson!

A dangerous enemy has resurfaced. They are miles away from their cousin, Emily, the only person who will believe them. They are cut off from their allies in the Realm of Imagination. Can they stop Torvik on their own? Who is it that conspires against them from behind the scenes?

Thomas, Emily and Isaac may be the only humans to ever have visited the Realm of Imagination, but they are not the only ones who know about it.

David R. Lord's books are published by Austin Macauley.