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An interview with N.L. McFarlane

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: An interview with N.L. McFarlane
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Risingshadow has had an opportunity to interview N.L. McFarlane.

About the author:

N. L. McFarlane is living with her children in Cornwall. Saving an Earth Angel is the author's first book and, with help from her own little angels' imagination, will continue to write an imaginative series on the comings and goings of several magical characters and their journeys.

About Saving an Earth Angel:

From a caveman with no language or knowledge of the wider world, to a man left with a duty to protect the light of the universe, follow one character's adventure through time, space and parallel worlds as he fulfils an infinite array of ancient tests that will span through the ages.

Meet new and intriguing characters as he travels with his dire wolf, learning hard lessons and dangerous truths... discovering along the way an unknowingly powerful baby who could be the tipping point in the war between light and dark.

“I came to write this book as I enjoy being taken away into another imaginary land within books, no matter what your age, background, situation etc.... all of that is irrelevant when you find yourself engrossed within the pages of a good book. I wanted to create a story where the reader could be taken away, an escape for the want of a word where they can enjoy the journey and progression of each of the characters growth’s and travels. — N. L. McFarlane

N.L. McFarlane's novel is published by Austin Macauley.



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