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Audio story review: Dreamcoat by Matthew G. Rees

27 Jun 2020 18:09 #1 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
Audio story review: Dreamcoat by Matthew G. Rees

Matthew G. Rees' Dreamcoat was published as an audio story at YouTube in May 2020.

About the audio version of Dreamcoat:

Simon Howells reads 'Dreamcoat', a short story by Matthew G. Rees, author of 'Keyhole', 'The Word' and 'The Tip'.

This story concerns traveller lore, friendship and loss.

Simon Howells is a Welsh actor with interests in fiction and script writing.

Click here to listen to the story.

About Matthew G. Rees:

Matthew G. Rees is a critically acclaimed British fiction writer and playwright in the fields of folk horror, fantasy, the supernatural and dark humour.

Click here to visit his official website.

Review: Dreamcoat by Matthew G. Rees