Guest post by Andy Oppenheimer

18 Apr 2021 18:55 #1 :: Seregil of Rhiminee
Guest post by Andy Oppenheimer

Guest post by Andy Oppenheimer

The author: Andy Oppenheimer AIExpE MIABTI

I’m Andy Oppenheimer, a British consultant, author and editor specialising in defence and counter-terrorism. This work has greatly influenced my first venture into writing science fiction.

I am new, and very late, to the fiction writing party. The first in my sci-fi trilogy, Fields of Orion: An Odyssey, came out in August 2019. Fields of Orion: The Mission was published last October, also on Amazon, and continues this epic story of first contact.

In the two decades before I started writing science fiction, I wrote and lectured about defence, weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, bio, chemical), and counter-terrorism. Before that, I worked in publishing – starting with a job at an American futuristic science magazine, Omni, which also published science fiction. I went to the big conventions in the USA and here in Britain, and met many famous authors.

I wonder if I should have started writing sci-fi back then. But during my time at Omni I was more involved in the London nightclub scene as a DJ and part-time synth-pop singer. I think of myself less as an author and more a spinner of ideas with no forethought or planning, just inspiration.